Class of 1984

Class of 1984

Andy is a new teacher at a inner city high school that is like nothing he has ever seen before. There is metal detectors at the front door and everything is basically run by a tough kid named Peter Stegman. Soon, Andy and Stegman become enemies and Stegman will stop at nothing to protect his turf and drug dealing business.

Class of 1984 tells the story of Andy Norris, an idealistic and naïve music teacher at a tough Los Angeles high school who tries to put together an orchestra with his more advanced students only to find a gang of sadistic punk rockers actively dissuading new members from joining the orchestra. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Class of 1984 torrent reviews

Tim W (nl) wrote: Charming, somewhat amusing, and cleverly self aware...but disappointing and lacking. Did they try too hard or not hard enough? Or maybe they ran out of ideas? Even a not so great Muppet movie is still a good movie. 6.5/10

Mary B (de) wrote: Good action. Mary watched it to the end.

Simon B (de) wrote: Mainstream horror-dogma. It works.

Aisha C (ca) wrote: totally lame. i was bored and i like watching movies so this ended up in my DVD player. I can see why it went straight to DVD.

Henry F (ca) wrote: I'm not a fan of romantic comedies. Never have been. But this film is absolutely fantastic. It's so rare to find romantic comedies or plain old comedies with suck great writing and heart to them. It helps that the films subject matter its home with me, as I have a close family member who is bipolar. I honestly though, I think the film's message is universal. The casting is perfect. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have unmatched chemistry in this film. Robert Deniro and Jacki Weaver as Pat's parents turn in great performances. Even Chris Tucker's minor role is memorable. I have seen this movie countless times and plan on seeing it many more.

John S (fr) wrote: The reviews of the film itself expose the divide between the media, which is controlled by the criminal elite in banking, and the American people. Media reviews rate the movie 27%, the people rate it 81%, and certainly growing as more people wake up.

Kariana R (ag) wrote: Fue buena ... hacen buen trio .. jaj

PrincesseTiah K (ca) wrote: Pas pire que supeman mais moins bien que Batman...^^

Ariel F (us) wrote: I watch this and my English course I had no idea it was scarlet Johansen but the movie surprisingly enchanted me it was really well done.

Blake B (au) wrote: I believe this was based on Eiji Yoshikawa's book on the japanese swordmaster Miyamoto Musashi. It certainly feels like a novel with the slow mathematical workings of its plot. The slowness is necessary though; any quicker and the character development would have been insincere.Mifune is good as always, see this if only for his performance.

Darryl S (ru) wrote: Hilarious! Love the State!