Kim, a Taekwondo champion decides to give up his fighting career for good in order to take care of his daughter Sa Rang. But when an evil gambling kingpin kidnaps Sa Rang, Kim must agree to fight in a rigged boxing match in exchange for Sa Rang's freedom.

Kim is a Taekwondo champion who decides to give up his fighting career for good in order to take care of his daughter Sa Rang. But when an evil gambling kingpin kidnaps Sa Rang, Kim must ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Clementine torrent reviews

intuciic (us) wrote: pretty nice romantic movie..

Rafael S (gb) wrote: uma merda, se no fosse pelas duas cenas de sexo calientes, diria que teria sido uma total perda de tempo

Zach M (nl) wrote: fantastic. gives a true feeling of what the internet really is. /b/

Dorwin D (au) wrote: This could possible be one of the worst action flicks produced in Bollywood. And considering the number of action flicks which bomb out every year, this is a complement. I had to take a 3 week sabbatical from watching Hindi movies.

Erika D (fr) wrote: I loved this!! It was super dark, but in a good way. I loved the acting and the characters, especially Roberta. I also liked the use of music in the movie. I recommend this movie for sure, just make sure that you're in the right mindset for it.

Pandu H (fr) wrote: The movie starts with an interesting idea for a storyline of a woman??s (played at the right tone by Marianne Faithfull) desperate struggle to finance her grandson??s medication and ends up in an unlikely place. Most of the supporting characters and the plot, however, are half cooked make it fails to brew emotional attachment with the viewers.

Jeff T (jp) wrote: Many men think they're going to die brother. A few of us know it and the closer I get to my end, I find hope is my only investment worthy of my attention. ~John MalkovichMutant Chronicles

Joshua L (mx) wrote: real good movie. The Game was crazy! Megan good Damn!!

Shalabh D (de) wrote: Really Nice & Inspirational movie by farhan akhtar. Hrithik and evrybody has done fantastic job in the movie.

Fergus S (us) wrote: This film is too short. Otherwise, I want to be like Oscar, lucky guy!!

Naughtia N (mx) wrote: A very very weird horror movie about an Uncle Sam doll who goes on a killing spree. It didn't really creep me out as much as it made me laugh about the awkwardness of the scenes.

Corey B (fr) wrote: I was surprised Richard Pryor directed this one, it's decent, surely not great, it has its moments though. Makes me miss Richard Pryor and his work.

gary t (mx) wrote: wow.....fantastic.....amazing.....brilliant.....i have just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is such a brilliant movie 2 watch....its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie......i think that frederick stafford (.R.I.P.), dany robin (.R.I.P.), john vernon (.R.I.P.), karin dor, michel piccoli, play good roles/parts throughout this movie......i think that the director of this action/adventure/mystery/suspense/thriller movie had done a great job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie........i think that this is such a brilliant movie 2 watch.,.....Cinematography Like his previous films Rope and The Trouble with Harry, Hitchcock intended the film to be an experiment for whether colours, predominately red, yellow and white, could be used to reveal and influence the plot. He later admitted that this did not work out.i think that this is such a really well written/acted/directed movie 2 watch its got a great cast throughout this movie.......Hitchcock cameo Hitchcock's signature cameo appearance occurs 27 minutes into the film, at the airport: he is seated in a wheelchair as he is being pushed by a nurse. She stops, and he nonchalantly stands and greets a man, proceeding to walk off screen with him.its got a good soundtrack throughout this movie.......i think that this is such a cult classics movie 2 watch......its such a really well written/acted/directed movie 2 watch its got a brilliant cast throughout this movie......i think that this is such a brilliant movie 2 watch it is an absolutley brilliant movie 2 watch......The plot is based on the real-life Sapphire Affair of 1962.The film begins with a Russian KGB agent defecting along with his wife and daughter. It was based on that of Anatoliy Golitsyn.[citation needed]Andr Devereaux was based on French agent Philippe Thyraud de Vosjoli of the SDECE."Juanita de Cordoba" is loosely based on Castro's sister Juanita Castro who defected to the U.S.[citation needed]The red-haired army captain known as "Hernandez" is based on Manuel Pieiro.[citation needed]Fidel Castro makes an uncredited appearance in the film along with Che Guevara. While in Cuba, Deveraux attends a Castro rally in order to keep up the appearance of his official cover, that of a French trade attach. The film spliced in actual footage of a real Castro rally of the era to add to the realism, though Castro himself is not heard speaking.The French title is L'tau (English: [bench] vice, stranglehold), to avoid any reference to Topaze, a well-known 1951 French opus by Marcel Pagnol starring Fernandel and Yvette Etivant. In the French script, the topaz gemstone is replaced by "l'opale" (opal).[citation neededi think that this is such a fantastic movie 2 watch its so really well written/acted/directed movie 2 watch it is an absolutley thrilling movie 2 watch its got a great cast throughout this movie.....Filming locations Topaz was filmed on location in West Germany, Copenhagen, Paris, New York City, and Washington, DC, i think that this is such a great hitchcock movie 2 watch its such a brilliant classics movie 2 watch with a great cast throughout this movie........

Joaqun S (nl) wrote: Otra historia maravillosa en la Francia de Truffault, y comienzo a pensar que es de los lugares en donde ms me gustara vivir. Amo al director, y creo que esta pelcula es esplndida como tantas otras suyas.

Matthew L (ag) wrote: Definitely wimpy, but also very funny and cute for pure entertainment.

Kieran F (it) wrote: FIRST. Let's get the elephant out of the room topic here. As documentary this film sucks. As a still sucks. Now Im not saying this cause I don't like Justin Beiber(Cause I don't) but I'm saying this cause it straight up sucks. There are so many things in his film that are retatarded I can't even beging to name them. From the stupid statements from his management "For this kid to sell out Madison Square Gardens and be the headliner?" Dude..seriously? it's not that hard to sell out MSG. I mean okay it's a big venue. But 1. It's one of the most FAMOUS venues to EVER be created so who ever plays there will ALWAYS SELL IT OUT. FFS RAMMSTEIN sold it out. 2 It's not that big of an arena(It's big don't get me wrong) but The Montreal Canadiens arena can hold 21,273 for hockey alone....I mean..imagine the concerts.The other thing that's..well..fucked up about this film is how the guy that is Biebers Manager has a company called "Scooter Braun Films" when..he's only done one film..this one. could he name a company Scooter Braun Films?Honestly the only entertaining thing I found in the film was the camera angles..that was all..the camera angles and the picture look really crisp but everything else is..just..crap

Walter M (gb) wrote: "The Ledge" begins with Detective Hollis Lucetti(Terrence Howard) getting some bad news from his doctor(Geraldine Singer). That being said, he is still having a better day than Gavin(Charlie Hunnam), a hotel assistant manager who is threatening to jump from a building in downtown Baton Rouge. As Gavin tells it, this all started shortly after Harper(Jillian Batherson) announced her plans to have a religious experience with a dildo that night when he hires his neighbor Shana(Liv Tyler). As thanks, her husband Joe(Patrick Wilson) invites Gavin and his gay roommate Chris(Christopher Gorham) for dinner, where thinking they are both gay, prays for them. Ironically enough, he may soon wish Gavin was gay... "The Ledge" gets off to a fine start with a lovely shot of the skyline and the immortal line: "How long have I been infertile?"(oops!) which says so very much. The fact that the rest of the movie drones on incessantly while saying little should give you an idea as to how dull this is, even with the stakes as high as they are. That's not to mention how little of this makes any kind of sense but at least there is a fine use of mass transit in a small city. The lengthy flashbacks sideline the always welcome Terrence Howard for long stretches in favor of the limited talents of Charlie Hunnam. That leaves one feeling sorry for Liv Tyler, caught up in the eternal debate between two intractable sides.(What is it with the South and religion, anyway?) Making Gavin a douche and Joe a volunteer does not come close to making them three dimensional characters. Just remember, as far as hell goes, Louisiana had plenty of experience of that with Hurricane Katrina.