Satyapti lives a middle-classed lifestyle in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, along with his wife, Kaushalya, three sons: Ram, Bharat, Balram, and a daughter, Tulsi. He used to be a soldier in Netaji ...

Satyapti lives a middle-classed lifestyle in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, along with his wife, Kaushalya, three sons: Ram, Bharat, Balram, and a daughter, Tulsi. He used to be a soldier in Netaji ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(fr) wrote: "The Perfect Family is like so many other family films that I have seen dealing with religion, having a gay/lesbian child and of course the one screw up. I thought that maybe I would see some originality with this film, but not so much. The story has been done. This one is a bit different except it has the same conclusion as the one's that have come before it. The mother is stricken with guilt over the sins she has commited in her past and present. She is in constant denial about the choices her family has made about their own lives and continues to live in this bliss until it all comes crumbling down around her. The acting was semi good. Nothing to write the award shows about. So in the end it was just OK for me."

jason b (kr) wrote: acting is really bad and the story cliche as hell. I know it's low bud but it doesn't have to be utterly cliche.

Abby T (it) wrote: Entertaining romantic comedy.

Megan S (kr) wrote: I don't think I have seen this all the way through. But the part I did is hilarious.

Ericka R (jp) wrote: This is one of the reason why I'm fond to historical movies (whether it's an action, drama or even just a biography), it's simply because they never fail awe me. But aside from that, this movie is somehow a masterpiece. The pictures are great, the story plot is nice and the battle scenes are just epic. And (I don't know if it was just me or not) how the movie's packed is truly asian, the authentic fighting style and the camera manoeuvres. Classically antique.

Don N (es) wrote: It has a cast full of people I always enjoy, yet this isn't my cup of tea. Had to pass. Hopefully someone, somewhere, loves it.

Jennifer S (nl) wrote: Shane Elliott is BEAUTIFUL!

Lucia S (jp) wrote: A rather fascinating "day in the life of..." sort of movie. The other name this film goes by, Hell Cab, can be a distraction from the actual quality and beauty of this film. It really is rather insightful and quite entertaining to see the list of who's who in Hollywood making brief cameos as passengers in the back seat of the cab.

Robert H (es) wrote: It takes a lot for a comedy or western to win me over so when a comedy western comes along it has to work extra hard. Maverick somehow manages to do it. The story is simple and yet very well told and all the while is quite entertaining.Not all the jokes tend to work and some even feel like they need a cartoon sound fx track to follow them just so you know a joke has been delivered but there are so many quirky comical moments that if one fails, there's another right behind it to win you over.Acting is good and I enjoy Gibson quite a lot. Foster is a bit over the top but that's part of her characters charm. There are a few decent action sequences from fist fights to gun fights. Maverick manages to include practically every aspect of the western genre possible with some being a little over the top and others being self parodies.Maverick is something everyone should experience once. It's not for everybody, but I think most people should find it an entertaining piece of film.

Roy C (kr) wrote: Pumpkinhead is just misunderstood.

Bradley K (gb) wrote: Intriguing, and at times sumptuous but far more academic than entertaining.

Private U (kr) wrote: Gotta love the older ones that are about biggots. The only thing that I had problems with were the scenes that were supposed to be night and they seemed a little too bright, but I think that was because they were filmed on location and it really couldn't be helped. It was a great film and it was well acted. It has a little slow pacing at the begining but that picks up fast toward the middle of the film (after everyone is all introduced).

Dinar Sinta Augustina D (es) wrote: Quest for the broken pieces of a ,agic mirror.. a bit slow

Scott M (de) wrote: An enjoyable yet throwaway suspense movie from John Huston and Humphrey Bogart (and a bunch of other actors from Maltese Falcon). Some good dialogue distinguishes this one from the many others, but today the movie seems very racist against the Japanese (Mr. Leland = Mr. Rerand, Honolulu = Honoruru). I guess you can't fault it too much, this movie came out soon after Pearl Harbor, although I'm not sure if it had happened long enough before to affect the content of the movie. Anyways, Bogart as Bogart is always somewhat entertaining, and there's plenty of good ole' Bogey here.

Olli H (nl) wrote: It starts off ok, as a serial killer vs cops thriller but it loses it mojo when the story changes to a worst possible way and with it's barrel run, straight shoot from start to finish type of story, it offers nothing to viewers. The cast does what they can but it's not enough and Tyler Perry is nowhere near to Morgan Freeman when playing Alex Cross, nowhere.

Jonathan D (it) wrote: In's awesome. Kung Fu Panda is the best CGI-animation movie since The Incredibles. Clever writing, gorgeous animation, fun action, and stellar vocal work by Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogen, and...(drumroll please)...Jackie Chan! The latter lends a feel of authenticity to this kung-fu themed flick, but you don't have to be a martial arts aficionado to enjoy the ride. Like The Incredibles, this works on multiple levels: kids movie, adult comedy, fantasy, and action movie. Jack Black is immensely likable and Dustin Hoffman charms. There's even some decent morality and philosophy going on. And it'll make you laugh. What more do you want? **** (out of five).