Cloak and Dagger

Cloak and Dagger

In this Fritz Lang's compelling World War II espionage thriller, Gary Cooper stars as Alvah Jasper, a shy and retiring physics professor at a midwestern university. When government agents press Jasper into joining them in an effort to curtail the Nazis' efforts to attain atomic secrets, his life takes a dramatic turn.

Toward the end of World War II, the allied secret service receives a partial message indicating that the Germans are researching nuclear energy to build atomic bombs. In Midwestern ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walt F (it) wrote: Magnificent! Simply inspiring! One of the best movies I have ever purchased.

REACHABLE R (ru) wrote: Simple story of innocent love that is so PURE. A movie to watch on Valentine's Day !

Tom R (fr) wrote: There are very few things in a film that I reject outright and one is revisionist history, delivered by a flagrant hypocrite no less. In 1978, San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and City Supervisor Harvey Milk were assassinated by fellow City Supervisor Dan White. How can this film be made without one mention of Jim Jones and the 'Peoples Temple' (yes, Jim Jones notorious for the spiked 'Kool-Aid' mass murder that killed over 900 people and occurred 10 days before the assassination of Milk/Moscone) whom Milk and Moscone relied heavily on for local support and votes, which Moscone rewarded by appointing Jim Jones to the city of SF Housing Authority. Why is the fact that Milk rose to the rank of Lt. while serving in Korea never mentioned? Why is the fact that Milk actually worked on Barry Goldwater's Republican Pres campaign in 1964 before switching political affiliations omitted? Propaganda, pure and simple delivered by an actor who plays Milk as a caricature, not a character (think 'Coffee Tawlk') and it's tough to swallow dialogue regarding the greatness of the United States and its Constitution from an actor that exhibits a vocal and unabashed disrespect for both in private life. Gus Van Sant knows by now how to assemble the various components of film to make a whole but he and his writer fail everyone by cherry-picking history. Penn, Hirsch and Luna are ingratiating but James Franco acts well. This is no 'Best Picture', this is an insult to anyone who has even a casual interest in US political history. If California is determined to push a tolerance agenda to the voters in their state in movie form, they may want to consider different role models.

Tara M (it) wrote: I like the cast but it wasn't very good.

Todd L (ca) wrote: only because of ewan mcgregor

Katrina B (us) wrote: "Memories that are nothing yet mean everything."Koreans have such a deep well of emotions. Funny and Inspiring movie.

Jeni J (mx) wrote: this movie made a great impression on me back when i was in high school..wonderful film but unfortunately hard to get hold of, definitely would like to see it again

Andrew B (gb) wrote: By far the Best Reggae Documentary ever made !! Sincerely thanking you Mr Nicholas Campbell.. Andrew BennieIn the words of Peter"I've got to pick myself up Dust myself off And start all over again...." Peter Tosh !

Mike T (nl) wrote: I usually don't approve of comparisons between source material and film, but I can't prevent myself from doing it here. Selby Jr.'s novel presents some of the most violent, depraved images of desperation and hopelessness in literature. The book got under my skin and has stayed there through the years since I read it. The film, although distinctly stylized and directed with precision, fails to deliver the same kind of visceral impact. It is violent, but it is not violent enough. It is bleak, but it never approaches the hellish gloom of the source material. The performances are all impressive, and it is a polished piece of work overall. It just doesn't hit hard enough.

TTT C (mx) wrote: Here's another film rating.

Brad S (de) wrote: Only my 2nd time watching this film, and I enjoyed it. Really just a b-movie, elevated by the talent and charisma of Bruce Lee. The film is very much of it's time, but it's a fun film with some decent support from John Saxon and Jim Kelly. This is a must for any Martial Arts fans!

Alvaro O (nl) wrote: Serious stuff, well done.

Mike N (fr) wrote: rarely there are movies i cant sit through..and this one about half way i just started clicking forward to fill in blanks, so i cant really discourage anyone from seeing it..but i did not like it.

Daniel E (es) wrote: Can't imagine why anybody would consider giving less than five stars to this gem. Not as widely seen as it should have been, but as with another New Zealand film, 'Once Were Warriors', if you have seen it, you probably already know it's a masterpiece.