Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles

Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles

When a group of teenagers stumble upon a secret lab, they become part of a deadly experiment - The Recreator - evil human clones. Craig, Tracy and Derek come face to face with exact copies of themselves that have only one purpose; to find and kill their originals. With time running out it's up to the original group to destroy the lab and save themselves before they are replaced. Gregory Orr's exciting thriller brings science fiction to life with a sexy edge.

A group of teenagers stumble upon a secret lab and encounter superior clones of themselves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles torrent reviews

Andrew V (us) wrote: Quite wonderfully weird!

Kashfia F (us) wrote: Look forward to watching this.

Haylie K (mx) wrote: It was nice, littlebit of reality on this one. but not interested that much.

Timm S (gb) wrote: A Pityful Swan Song For Patrick As He Drives A Very Passionate Performance Out Of A Very Dull Shakespear Reboot. The Story Is Very Famous, But This Adaptation Is Pretty Rank, Barring Afew Select Scenes.

Cody L (br) wrote: A really good comedy/drama about divorce and how it affects people's lives. Just a feel-good movie to watch on a lazy afternoon. Plus, it's got early appearances by Eliza Dushku and Amber Benson from "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" so that's a plus for me personally.

Israel J (kr) wrote: Humorous to see the two of them together. Great film!

Landon V (it) wrote: disaster movies this may be the ultimate I liked this staring john Cusack I liked basically every disaster scene I didn't like this strange pattern is that SPOILER SPOLER some of the main characters just die in the last 40-50 minutes this may be my favorite disaster flick so far or San Andreas and independence day im not sure 4 stars 87%

Evil Lemon 6 (ca) wrote: The best example of how to do a comedy. Adam Sandler, take notes.