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Cloportes torrent reviews

Ed C (au) wrote: One line summary: A film about rapid zombies without much humor or plot. ----------------------------- Casper has a traumatic experience as a child at his grandfather's curio shop. He still has nightmares during college. A particular vessel drops, his father catches it, and his father is transformed for the worse by it. Casper is more than a bit on the wimpish side. He agrees to mind the curio shop "Occult Barn" for his grandfather while the grandfather receives a lifetime award. His friends drop by, and he lets them handle the vessel; this is something his grandfather explicitly forbid. One of his friends drops the vessel and it breaks. The lights go out. The group makes up a curse, in great detail, then say they are done with the curse's rules. The lights come back on. The group agree to meet later to test it out. So, if someone in the group looks directly into someone else's eyes after 10 pm, the targets kills themselves, then return as a mixture of demon and zombie, or zemon. Unless they reverse the curse before dawn, the group itself will be cursed. That evening, the number of mysterious deaths mount, but many of the 'dead' do not stay dead. The group re-assembles, realises that they are in deep trouble, then arm themselves. They go back to the Occult Barn, and tell Horus about the incident and the curse. Unfortunately, they look Horus in the eyes, and he kills himself. Will the group be able to use Horus' book to reverse the curse? Will anybody in town be left as a normal human?------Scores------ Cinematography: 5/10 Better than VHS quality, but not by much. The SFX vary from mediocre to poor. Sound: 6/10 I could hear the actors' voices and the incidental music, some of which was appropriate for a zombie comedy. Acting: 3/10 Weak. The three is mostly for Christopher Lloyd's short performance. Screenplay: 2/10 Boring, not funny, not engaging. The central idea of the curse was beyond stupid.

Sarah C (it) wrote: I saw this at my library and the story sounded interesting so I checked it out. What a mistake that was. What I found most annoying about it was that it was shot completely as if by a hand held camera so the entire thing was shaky. I figured after 25 minutes of this the director wanted it this way, but seriously, it made me feel ill! Anyway the script was ridiculous, the acting horrendous, the plot confusing, and the ending had one of the ??huh??? moments. Not a pleasant ??huh??? like at the end of a Kubrick film, but more like a WTF ??huh??? Not to mention some of the characters were just written so weirdly, particularly the guys. One??s a jerk who??s the one who raped her but turns out to be a savior, and the other??s a supposed friend but turns out to be a crazy ass. Crazy as in insane. Plus the sister seems like she never even loved the main girl but all of a sudden she??s all lovey dovey too. Make up your mind!

Kevin S (au) wrote: I recommend you try another sport! Like knitting!!!!

Luke M (br) wrote: Warm, charming open-hearted and lead by a charming Jack Nicholson, As Good As It Gets does its best to overcome a slightly overstuffed script and sickly sentimental moments.

Tim W (br) wrote: Cheap, cheezy, corny, campy, and hilariously incompetent schlock. But even as a so bad its good B movie, it lost me about halfway (I started falling asleep). Haha, but I'd watch it again (with friends) to mock it. 6/10 (for being so stupidly entertaining)

Daniel H (it) wrote: Not bad police thriller about a female police psychologist and two police inspectors investigating serial murders that take place on the Tokyo's Yamanote Line train (the loop train) on Mondays at 6 PM.

Brian C (it) wrote: It's a thoroughly pedestrian biopic; seemingly a try to capitalize on the success of Patton.

WS W (fr) wrote: Quite suspenseful at the beginning but kinda flat overall.

Eddy C (us) wrote: I fell asleep half way in.

Petros T (es) wrote: This is the only Bond film with that fella George Lazenby as 007, and it doesn't exactly have the best reputation in the saga, possibly due to that controversial casting choice. In truth, Lazenby is a bizarre affair: only partially decent and never really convincing as Bond, he is nevertheless not below par and he's definitely not distracting you from the film. Apart from that, it's business as usual: super-evil Blofeld is back and Bond is on his trail, giving us some good, vintage eye-candy.