Closed for Winter

Closed for Winter

An emotional and poetic story of Elise, a beautiful young woman haunted by a tragic event in her youth. As Elise attempts to piece together the mystery of her sister's disappearance at the beach, twenty years before when both were children, she must face dark family secrets that have remained unspoken. As the past is revealed, Elise at last finds the courage to begin to live.

Tells the story of a woman's journey to overcome the events of the past and to find a way to move on. It is a story of dark secrets and the power of and celebration of letting go. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Closed for Winter torrent reviews

Lisa Marie A (ru) wrote: Soooo sad....And to know this happened less than 30 yrs ago, breaks my heart. I work with a lotta people from El Salvador and hearing them tell these stories and relive this time, heartbreaking..This movie captured everything that was going on at that time.

Sam R (de) wrote: The best film adaptation of Shakespeare in history. This is a violent, tragic and bold film, simultaneously brimming with brilliant creativity and throwbacks to the films of yore.

David G (ag) wrote: Every performance is charming but the vocal talent is where it shines including Michael J. Fox's heartwarming and sincere voice performance as Stuart.

Walter P (us) wrote: Dana Carvey is way funnier than most of the SNL guys whos movie careers took off.

Gary B (us) wrote: You know my name! You gave me the fucking number!

Ryan L (kr) wrote: Very close to the worst movie I've ever seen

Dan H (ca) wrote: Can you believe this was only Tim Burton's second theatrical film?! The vision of the Afterlife is an inspired, unique, fun one. Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis are great as The Maitlands, as is Winona Ryder as Lydia Deetz. That said, the shining star of the film is Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice. He is at his unhinged, ADHD, hilarious best and makes the character an instant, unforgettable icon of cinema. This is Keaton's best character. The film is not without its slow portions (mainly, it's first act), and the story is inspired but simple, but this film is still a classic and one of Burton's best (Quite possibly my favorite of his films).

Francisco L (ag) wrote: Very funny and well acted movie, but with a little weak script and predictable story.

Joon W (ru) wrote: Best part of this movie is Orson Welles's 20 minute diatribe against capital punishment; it makes the movie worth watching. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie doesn't have any tension or forward movement.

Corey B (de) wrote: Decent send off to an era long past in suspense and horror, not great but not terrible either. It is the worst of the 4 movies obviously, it's a made for TV movie. It clears up the questions as to why Norman Bates becomes who becomes, tries to be stylistic as Psycho movies tend to be. If you've watched the other 3 movies you may as well watch this one as it wraps it all up.