Cloud Catcher

Cloud Catcher

It is the year 2147 and the sun has dried the surface of the earth. Only small quantities of water remain and people are hiding in a post-apocalyptic shelters, cities are ruined. A Man with...

It is the year 2147 and the sun has dried the surface of the earth. Only small quantities of water remain and people are hiding in a post-apocalyptic shelters, cities are ruined. A Man with... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luigi C (nl) wrote: The book is beautiful. The movie not so much. A pity given the amazing cast.Boring.

Jane L (ag) wrote: i dont reli get the message behind the movie and its kinda slow.. =.=plus i dont understand why Joe Odagiri is called the main character in the poster, while he appeared so less T.T

Walter M (br) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]In "Spider Lilies," Jade's(Rainie Yang) webcam is struggling and hopes that getting a tattoo will attract traffic to her website.(Her grandmother occasionally interrupting is certainly not helping.) When she goes to a tattoo parlor, she meets Takeko(Isabelle Leong) who she had a crush on when she was a kid. But their friendship was shattered by a calamitous earthquake. Of greater concern to Jade nowadays is the police investigating her website...[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]With the subject of erotic webcams and tattoos, "Spider Lilies" had the chance to be seriously sexy while at the same time correcting such movies as "Tattoo" starring Bruce Dern and Maud Adams and "The Pillow Book" that present tattoos as kind of an aberration.(For the record, I think people get tattoos either because they think it will look cool or they are so drunk they are unable to think straight.) But the movie is just severely dull with a wandering attention before becoming thoroughly pretentious. [/font]

Greg S (fr) wrote: A nearsighted, neurotic photographer goes into the woods with his buddies to get nature shots for an ad campaign, and his mind snaps after he falls in love with a hippie girl he meets at a bonfire. The story is a bit lightweight, but the film's technical acumen and incredible psychedelic montages make up for it. This is not your typical horror/slasher-in-the-woods film by a long shot; the last twenty minutes is an extended hallucination that may well blow your socks off.

Aaron A (au) wrote: I have officially found the most abysmal film I have ever seen, and it pains me to be forced to rate it with even half a star.

Fong K (gb) wrote: Never a foodie and so far, food-themed movies do not impress me much. Is there a connection? In this quaint ensemble arthouse film, we get a slice of unusual Italian cuisine, family drama and shattered dreams. A sprinkle more of fun will be nice and cut down on that irrelevant talk.

Hannah M (mx) wrote: I am fascinated by stories about feral children (or, in this case, near-feral adults) but as soon as this movie hit the halfway mark, it headed downhill. What started off as an interesting psychologically-driven character study turned into a cliched story of how the young and innocent can teach us to be better people. And I have never liked those stories, much less when they feel as forced as this one. Mix that with a horrific "emotional person makes an emotional speech in a courtroom and wins for no apparent reason" ending, and you have something that started off interesting but soon fell completely apart. Disappointing.

bill b (us) wrote: nope..... nothing there

Cynamin I (kr) wrote: As a brony, documentaries like this paint a very bad picture for the majority of us. They show the people who are fat neckbeards. They show the people who are obsessed to the point where their entire life is based around this show. They dont show the people who just enjoy watching the show and that is the end of it. A good amount of us just carry on with normal lives once the episode is over. We are average weight, average people who like a TV show. So when/if you watch this movie, please dont judge the entire group of people based on the minority.

Caitlin L (fr) wrote: A cute movie for the whole family. Sad that its true though.

Gabriel C (us) wrote: Despite an understated performance from Louis Jourdan, Octopussy ranks among the weakest James Bond films.

Diego T (nl) wrote: I enjoyed it, but the more I think about it, the more ridiculous it seems. One of those 'This could happen to YOU!' movies.

Heather E (mx) wrote: Plus 5 more ??????????