Cobra Woman

Cobra Woman

Upon discovering his fiancée Tollea has been kidnaped, Ramu and his friend Kado set out for a Pacific isle where all strangers are to be killed on arrival and the inhabitants, who are frequently sacrificed to an angry volcano god, worship the cobra. The island is ruled over by Tollea's evil twin Naja, the Cobra Woman, who, besides having designs on her new prisoner Ramu, also desires to eliminate any competition from her benevolent sister.

Upon discovering his fiancée Tollea has been kidnaped, Ramu and his friend Kado set out for a Pacific isle where all strangers are to be killed on arrival and the inhabitants, who are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Clare O (nl) wrote: LOVED it. Asks the hard questions and illustrates what people in these oppressed countries live with daily.

Rodrigo S (es) wrote: Una verdadera sorpresa! Ideal para quienes estudian psicologia o pedagogia infantil. Agradable en la propuesta y original por los temas de los trastornos que puede sufrir la familia ante la ausencia de alguno de los padres. Bien dirigida y por supuesto los pequeos actores excelentes. Una nota: no es aconsejable para que la vean los nios por los temas tratados. Segunda nota: recibio excelentes comentarios y aplausos en Cannes. Los franceses no aplauden cualquier cosa.

Ashley A (br) wrote: Boring AF. The acting is good (that's it). When I read the plot on Wikipedia, I had high expectations because I usually like psychological thrillers and the plot sounds interesting. But there is barely anything thrilling about this show. I waited and waited for my heart to race (which it usually does when watching psychological thrillers), but it just didn't.

Iestyn L (ag) wrote: Very slow. You have to be in the mood for this one.

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Jonathan G (ru) wrote: Nearly equal parts action and drama, First Blood (Rambo) has a not-so subtle subtext that makes it more intellectual than most action films. A classic.

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Chris D (it) wrote: An absolute masterpiece: an essentially perfect modern retelling of a thoroughly timeless story. Being in French only made it that much more classy...just incredible.

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