Cocaine Angel

Cocaine Angel

A week in the life of a young drug addict.

COCAINE ANGEL captures a grinding and tragic week in the life of a weary young drug addict who is clinging to the remnants of his once hopeful existence amidst the stink, the sweat, and unforgiving heat of Jacksonville, Florida. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sourabh M (it) wrote: Pretty cool film about the origins of Turok the Dinosaur Hunter.

Erin C (ag) wrote: Predictable, but not terrible.

Yasmin U (kr) wrote: such a misogynistic idea, but whatever

Dimity P (ca) wrote: I liked it- I wasn't able to devote much attention to this movie but it still showed the importance even a no-frills country bar means to the gay community in the rural south. You have to love the ignorant "Christians" they interview.

Luke G (gb) wrote: While I really enjoyed this film, I kinda debate if I would call it a good movie. The main thing is that the acting and writing are really shitty, which makes for some hilarious dialogue. The thing I like though is the cool cinematography and production design. Also I feel that the film has a great creeping feeling of isolation and being trapped. So in the end it isn't really a good movie, but I liked it. I guess this is another guilty pleasure film.67/100

Kyle R (au) wrote: Always a good laugh . Lacks replay value 3/4 through

Mike M (ca) wrote: A sad result from what should have been something good. Zombie 3 featured Lucio Fulci and Bruno Mattei essentially splitting directorial duties after an ill Fulci turned in a movie just over an hour in length. Mattie (his second unit helmsman) was hired to film new scenes to flesh out the flick. An awkward pastiche of decent narrative coupled with shoddy effects, with ridiculously over-the-top moments such as zombie head that somehow learns to fly. Yeah, I said it. Very disappointing entry, but the interviews about the flick are compelling. For Italian horror completists only.

Chris O (au) wrote: Good ol fashioned classical love story with the trimmings that go with the time. Good performance by Sidney but a bit to be desired from his other half...what was her name again.?

Stephen E (au) wrote: One of the last American film noirs, Robert Aldrich's influential "Kiss Me Deadly" is neither narratively perfect nor technically sound, but it is perhaps the most brutal, most unflinching and most thematically mature one in the entire genre. Ralph Meeker embodies Mickey Spillane's cynical, sleazy private investigator Mike Hammer with an aggressiveness that's almost frightening; he really seems to be enjoying it as he beats bad guys to a pulp.

Allen G (gb) wrote: Whilst it evidently only tells one side of the story, and somewhat unfairly at times; Food Inc. is still a fascinating look at something which we know surprisingly little about given that we need it in order to survive: food. It's an activist film and so you simply have to navigate through the bias and come to your own conclusion as to how much of what is being said, should be listened to. For me, it was a mixed bag in this case but, for the most part, Food Inc. lived up to its expectations. It's well-paced and quite insightful, with a wide range of interviews and plenty of horror stories, which should certainly make you feel at least a little uneasy about your next hamburger. The movie is weaker when it comes to its solutions though as we are told to jump on the organic bandwagon because it's our one true saviour and any attempt at nuance and real discussion disappears completely.Still- it's a shockumentary and a good one at that.

Patrick M (ru) wrote: An incredibly violent cop movie for those who thought Training Day was children's programming in comparison, which it most certainly is not. Along with Training Day, Narc will leave your heart pumping and wracked with nerve until it comes to a close.

Jessica H (fr) wrote: Kind of funny, but not as good as the films it resembles.

Karsh D (gb) wrote: A film about an old gang of thieves reuniting for one last big job. A film which seems totally reliant on the cute gimmicky jokey dialogue between the main characters, which to be fair is pretty sharp and funny with Terrence Stamp in full flow

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