Warren Oates plays a world-weary gambler trying to make big money cockfighting. Always on the road, he works inside and outside the rules to try to work up to the biggest fight of the year.

Southern action drama film about cockfighting. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jerome P (de) wrote: Tells the important story on the other side of deportation. Gritty and genuine. It jams a lot of real stories of life into its characters. Sometimes felt a bit helter skelter, and occasionally is lost in itself, but otherwise it's a nice little movie.

Sean C (au) wrote: I saw this under a different title of Dawn of the Living Dead, imaginative huh? Dumb flick that plays straight for the most part and is funnier when it's trying not to be. The punch-up with the mutant baby come the climax is like soooo Evil Dead 2 but without the class. And what's with the older fella, not only can he not act but he looks like a friggin Terrahawk.

Christie B (ag) wrote: cute teen romance movie. Devon is a hottie and Jason is hilarious.

Marlon U (br) wrote: Found that the presentation was much akin to one of those old videos you'd see in school that you'd fall asleep to.I say this wanting to have seen it. I liked An Inconvenient Truth Better

Ryan B (kr) wrote: Not as good as its made out to be. Was okish but seen better

Steve G (br) wrote: saw it as a student. don't remember the entire thing, but it has one of my favorite scenes ever.

Zachary Hugh C (au) wrote: One of my personal favorites.

Sophia S (mx) wrote: always want to see it evergreen

Thomas S (fr) wrote: Good Disney family movie based on a true story of two families escape from East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall in a home made hot air balloon. Great Jerry Goldsmith Score

Mark A (us) wrote: Seen this movie hundreds of times and it never gets old. One of the greatest movies of all time. Love it so much

Les E (nl) wrote: Boring slush. Neither of the stars shone.

Greg W (es) wrote: Bela is the only reason to catch this one

Miguel A (ca) wrote: [spoilers mais que evidentes] Por mais que tente, no consigo resistir a filmes de casais de meia-idade que veem a sua unio ameaada por uma infiltrada em misso de espalhar sensualidade e arruinar a famlia. Trata-se de um subgnero absolutamente gasto e previsvel, mas por qualquer razo papo quase tudo o que h para ver (desde telefilmes a erticos exibidos a altas horas na CMTV). Eis ento que me aparece na vida este "Breathe In", que com ele traz a pretenso de transformar uma banal histria de traio no suporte para uma longa-metragem carregada de apontamentos artsy-fartsy (todos eles muito melanclicos e srios). "Breathe In" ficaria ainda assim perto de cumprir os seus objectivos se perdesse pelo menos trs minutos na caracterizao dos seus principais personagens, porque at podia dar-se ao luxo de ignorar por completo o tpico jock americano e a sua namorada com uma constante neura. Contudo a preocupao mais sonante de "Breathe In" passa por servir-nos umas quantas cenas de intimidade enlatada acompanhadas por umas pianadas muito tristes. Quando tudo corre mal, h sempre um piano a tocar e acreditem que isso acontece durante mais de metade da sua durao.

(kr) wrote: The main plot of the movie was well put together, however the ending was so unsatisfying that it spoiled the entire picture.

Marco A (jp) wrote: There is more than science can explain

Matt R (jp) wrote: Great war movie on a limited budget.

James S (nl) wrote: Hard to understand the accents. Couldn't get into it and only watched about half the movie

Andres G (au) wrote: awesome movie that started the trilogy