Coco is a French comedy released in 2009 and produced by Gad Elmaleh. This is the first embodiment of the actor, adapted from a sketch in the show La Vie Normale. Coco talks about organizing a Bar Mitzvah.

A well-liked self-made man becomes a royal pain when he learns he has a heart defect. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Geoff J (it) wrote: A real chore to sit through...

Reylen J (ru) wrote: Because I love Calvin and Hobbes.

Thomas M (kr) wrote: Think of it as an extension of an episode from the first half of the series, including all of its best parts (laughs, action, and morality play) and a budget to finally match its ambition. Much like in the Cowboy Bebop and Evangelion movies, fans will be served first.

Ian P (kr) wrote: Notes on A Scandal is strong drama thriller lead by strong performances of outstanding actresses - Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett. Based on a novel of the same title, Notes on A Scandal has a scandalous story to tell. A new teacher in a public school gets into an illicit relationship with her pupil and the only one witness to this affair was her friend co-teacher that a secret motive of using the scandal to her personal use while writing it on her diary. The story is psychological-thriller drama with enough mystery to be curious of. I was hooked to the story because the story has many scandalous secret being kept that only the audience knows and I'm curious by how the characters are handling to keep it a secret up to the moment it of its revelation. The movie also shares that over protecting friendship can destroy the friendship itself. Dench and Blanchett gave strong performances that you'll be confusing which of which delivered the best. It's hard to pick the best as the two are outstanding actresses especially in this movie but I can say Dench is the lead because of her character and Blanchett is secondary. Both receive nominations at the 2007 Oscars as Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress respectively.

Lenard K (de) wrote: A woman hitting a delivery boy in the head with a brick leads to a reconciliation of estranged relationships. A feel good movie that pays homage to 1970s China.

Wes S (kr) wrote: There's not much to it, a inhabited island gets overrun by giant lizards, and the survivors have to fight their way out. There's no compelling drama, twists, or new ideas. The creature effects are fairly decent, there's plenty of action, and the film has a nice dark atmosphere.

Michael K (us) wrote: I've seen this movie, I'm definitely not a fan, but If their's one positive note I can give this movie, like her or loathe her, Madonna definitely hides nothing about who she truly is. She bears her sole, and unfortunately that's not all.

Steve G (ag) wrote: quite poor, despite the amazing setting.

Dean W (mx) wrote: I love this movie been one of my favorites sense i was a kid...i watxh it once a week with my nephew..

Joonas A (nl) wrote: Omaperinen tarina juoposta country-muusikosta, joka juomisen lisksi uransa ja vetytyy uuden perheens kanssa pyrittmn motellia keskelle laakeutta. Nyttelijsuoritukset kantavat tarinavetoista ja lmminhenkist draamaa.