Code Name: Wild Geese

Code Name: Wild Geese

Commander Robin Wesley, leader of a group of mercenaries, go to the Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia to overthrow the dictator, who is a major manufacturer and dealer of the world's opium.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:1984
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   boat,   forest,  

Commander Robin Wesley, leader of a group of mercenaries, go to the Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia to overthrow the dictator, who is a major manufacturer and dealer of the world's opium. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle K (de) wrote: I love miyasaki but this was kinda boring.

Joshua L (fr) wrote: ok so the movie is funny but it's really hard to like when all the character's are just shitty fuckin human beings. It made me wonder about a lot doh.

Draven J (au) wrote: One of the best movies ever

Holly F (jp) wrote: An interesting samurai anime that held my attention. Kenshin is such a sad character.

MEC r (jp) wrote: Could have been a lot better.

Lee (nl) wrote: 'Ninja Resurrection' is probably one of the most hated Animes in the Western world because of it's similarities with another classic anime. It was seen as trying to cash in on the success of 'Ninja Scroll' by ripping off it's look and having it's main character named "Jubei" just as NS had.The plot mixes Historical fact with myth and fantasy. The Historical aspect of 'Ninja Resurrection' features the little known struggle of Japanese Christians in the 17th century and their eventual annihilation on the orders of a ruthless Shogun ruler. The fantasy element of the story comes in the form of a prophecy which proclaims Satan's return through the "Heavenly Blessed" leader of the Christian Rebellion, "Amakusa Shiro". All the while, the legendary, "Jubei Yagyu" fights with his conscience and guilt over his part in the massacre of the remaining Christians and comes to realise the sinister occurrences of it's aftermath.The story doesn't carry too much depth or originality, but it's action-packed with battles and sword fights to keep the excitement factor going.The film is ultraviolent though and may be too shocking for some viewers, with bloody dismembered bodies and sadistic acts of violence from the start. The actual animation is very good. The English dubbing of the movie, is adequate, but at times can be poor. One of the real plus points of NR would have to be the music which is pretty good for an anime, it really adds more emotion and intensity during the more important scenes giving them more of an impact.This DVD contains the first two parts of what were to be a continuing series, but that was unfortunately scrapped because of it's poor reception it recieved, which is a shame because I think it started quite positively. Overall I'd have to say I really enjoyed 'Ninja Resurrection' but it may seem a pointless purchase due to the series not being completed. Therefore I could only recommend it to lovers of gore soaked action/horror anime movies.

Pete S (ag) wrote: Low budget stuff like old Battlestar Galatctica.

Caesar M (mx) wrote: After reading a review from my friend TheGodfather I quickly went looking for The Hunter and it's certainly worth checking out. The Hunter is about a young watchman named Ali Alavi who treasures every moment he spend with his family, until one night it's all taken away from him. The plot in general doesn't much dialogue being exchange, but it little dialogue helps draw you into the movie. It atmosphere felt authentic and real while every character felt like a real human being. I find the character Ali Alavi real fascinating, his desire for revenge, his view on life, and the fact he's a loner contribute to the development of Ali Alavi. I enjoyed the writing very much, it's unconventional and unlike most of the movies I see. One scene I enjoyed allot was the chase scene in the fog which was beautifully filmed and had no music playing. In every other movie music would be added to such a scene, but not in The Hunter as it feels real and there is thrills watching a scene like that. The Hunter plot might have little dialogue, but it's huge on it plot. Rafi Pitts did an excellent job as a director. He knows how to captures certain scenes and convey emotion in it. He knows how to move the story in interesting directions and how to tell one. As an actor, he does everything as it should be done. Rafi Pitts created an interesting piece of cinema that'll be hard to imitate from it grim atmosphere in the forest to the cinematography of it amazing setting. The man is clearly talented and I hope he makes more films in the future. The Hunter has an incredible atmosphere, fascinating protagonist, and a experience that not many films can offer. If in the mood for something original and gripping, you can't go wrong with The Hunter.

Nina M (us) wrote: Confessions of a Godzilla movie fan... This one was actually moving, though. You did not just enjoy watching their lips move out of sync with the language like in Godzilla.

Akire R (it) wrote: A timeless horror film. It starts with thousands of questions and no answers. During the travel through room after room, you'll get to discover every secret along with the characters, all the way to the unexpected ending. In a time with horror movies with millionaire budgets that fail horribly to even interest you, this low-budget treasure will keep you with both eyes open and at the edge of your seat.

Ben V (nl) wrote: Good movie with great music

Oliver N (ru) wrote: By far the weakest of recent Liam movies (I'll discard Tak3n) Run All Night had its moments - the rather cinematic ending for example, high seemed to imitate The Revenant - but in all its just a rather forgettable experience. Watch Non-Stop instead.Verdict: C+

Becs D (it) wrote: Francis Ford Coppola ?? Really??? Very amateur, something intriging yet very disappointing. Weird, but not in the good sense of the word in which I usually use it