Code Rush

Code Rush

Life on the edge in Silicon Valley - home of high tech, high anxiety, and high stakes. Take a revealing look at Netscape Communications engineers as they set out boldly and brazenly to save their company. A virtual panorama of human drama and techno-thrills, Code Rush puts you at the center of the high-intensity clash of science, engineering, and commerce.

Code Rush follows the people of Netscape Communications during an intense period in 1998, when it was all but certain that Microsoft had already won control of the Internet user's desktop. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas K (kr) wrote: The opening shot rivals the one in Orson Welles' TOUCH OF EVIL. It's a high wire act and there is not one stumble. It's undoubtedly one of my favorite Robert Altman films and that's saying a lot.

JayKumar B (us) wrote: complex.. racy and bold.. very risque

angel m (gb) wrote: all of the Jesse Stone films Are Perfect to watch with YOUR Partner ,Girlfriend, Dogg, fish.. Even Allone :o 1. Stone Cold 2. Night Passage (Prequel) 3. Death in Paradise 4. Sea Change 5. Thin Ice Tom Selleck plays Jesse Stone a ruthless man of the law.Here is a recap of the films: He is a new cop in this Small seaside Town He has A Drinking problem And The Job As Sherrif Kind of lands In His lap After The real Sherrif Is MURDERD .. Tom Selleck OWNS His role In all Thees Films .. HE Is AWsome .. this is a MUST SEE I SAY !!! There will be two other movies in the series that will be broadcast in 2010,?Jesse Stone No Remorse? and ?Jesse Stone Innocents Lost?...

Jim M (de) wrote: Steven Seagal Vanity Project #25, ok not really a vanity project (compaired to his other work), still a mess none the less. The plots muddled as hell (aparently they changed it after they where done filming thus the presence of some really bad dubbing), something about covert military operations and chemical warfare (that appearantly turns people into mindless killing machines but not really), it's never really explained what the baddies want (or who the hell that chick Seagal fights at the end is). Also how in the hell to the Americans get away with major military deployments in France (at least a company of army troops with APC) without the French raising a snit (not something I should be thinking about in an action movie but as mentioned the rest of the plot is a mess). Acting wise what little was there is butchered thanks to the dubbing (seriously Seagal sounds like a 60 year old smoker) with the exception of Adam Croasdell as Aroon one of the evil scientists, who appears to have wondered in from a much better B-movie and some of the actress' provide some nice eye candy. Effects are hit and mess as are the fightscenes, though the scene where the soldiers are searching the town is well done (hampered by the plot). Kinda like Under Seige meets The X-Files meets 28 Days Later which woulda been cool if the plot wasn't such a mess. Sorry Steven you almost had a good movie here. Next time remeber hammer out the plot BEFOR you start filming also pants first then shoes.

Duncan S (jp) wrote: Fairtrade coffee, animal adoption and terminal illness all wrapped up in one hilariously unfunny romantic comedy. More bad acting than you can shake a stick at, and Freddie Prize Jr showing that what little screen presence he had has long gone

Gena D (it) wrote: because of/with Jer on ntflx

Brendan R (ca) wrote: Imagine that you found the excised bits of an early American Pie script. Then, having recently enjoyed such teen zombedies as Idle Hands or My Boyfriend?s Back, you would make Night of the Living Dorks, or perhaps Boy Eats Girl. As I said, this film reminds me a lot of other teen zombie comedies, particularly in that its ?heroes? find zombie-hood to be a mixed bag, taking moments to enjoy their newfound strength (ala Spider-man in the wrestling ring), but they also find themselves driven to, well, eat people. Some other thoughts: * If you decide to watch this movie, hold on to at least the 30 minute mark. The beginning is absolutely terrible. I nearly turned it off. The sex jokes are really awful, not only in their stupidity, but in their ham-handedness. * I like the idea that people react differently to being zombified ? some give in to it more easily than others. The three characters continue their own paths: the uber-nerd who nurses his grudges manages to play out that insecurity, while the normal guy gets to be more normal and the stoner/sex fiend becomes more stonery/sex fiend-y. * The goths are pretty funny in the movie, especially the part where Phillip chastises them for their crappy skills: they use frozen chicken and one of their mother?s hair for the mystical rites. And they draw a six-point star of David instead of a pentagram on the ground. * It?s amusing that the bully in the film wears a sweater over his shoulders like Troy from The Goonies. * The recurring theme of using a staple-gun to reattach body parts that have fallen off is pretty funny. * I watched this streaming on Netflix, which was okay except that it was dubbed instead of subtitled. The goofy performances in the dubbing were pretty distracting, frankly. I would have preferred subtitles.Overall, pretty mediocre. Not better or worse than Boy Eats Girl, but definitely not the best zombie comedy out there.

George B (it) wrote: The delightful music starts after a directly cut-in opening sequence. As life itself, this is where we always wanted the story to start off with Weerasethakul's thoughtful arrangement. He maintained his poetic point of view of love, life and the things all around us and presented a both beautiful and daring piece. It reminded me how I desire my life to pause in those exact moments.

Arun D (ca) wrote: Subhash Ghai always shows NRIs in bad light and Indians as too good?:-?Music is good SRK is a pleasure and nice performancehe is well directed and gives a restrained performance Mahima is decentAmrish Puri excels as usual

Mithil B (es) wrote: Just incredible! White Dog may be a little depressing at times but it adopts a miraculous style of film-making making it one of the greatest films I have ever seen. A clean 5/5. Flawless.

Steve M (de) wrote: A fantastic post-colonial narrative story about the power of economics pitted against a rebellion of sugar workers. Ennio Morricone sets a wonderful scene with his score, Pontecorvo frames the story beautifully, and I don't think you ever see Brando better.

Jessica H (ru) wrote: Get's better after the first 25 minutes and stays the same.