Codename: Yin/Yang

Codename: Yin/Yang


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Suman R (mx) wrote: can the movie have any more nonsense...every thing mismatched

Junior I (jp) wrote: Stillman's films are certainly an acquired taste, they're classically written, dialogue heavy affairs combined with vibrant cinematography (ala Wes Anderson). This is definitely his most accessible film to date, thanks to its young, hip indie cast, a consistently clever script and some refreshingly vibrant color saturation that really gives the film a warm summer feel. Indie superstar Greta Gerwig and beautiful former model Analeigh Tipton are both fantastic in their lead roles, but it's Gerwig that steals the show. She captures Violet's brazenly confident but emotionally fractured mentality so perfectly that you will be wholely invested for its brisk running time. Also it features a lovely rendition of one of Fred Astaire's timeless dance numbers from his 1937 classic with the same title. A slick, witty and touching romantic dramedy for the indie crowd. Highly recommended.

PauPau L (ca) wrote: zamalo da im oprostim za to sto sam na pocetku vec skontala ceo zaplet. a zasto? jer na kraju filma krece "hold on", david gahan, na 3 sekunde se pojavljuje ona budala steve-o (totalno neocekivano) i, mislim, ko ne voli kilmera... :)

Megan G (nl) wrote: this movie looks ok, i luv the song that Nsync does with Gloria Estefan though, lol :)

Jose Luis M (it) wrote: Prometia , pero le falto mas a esta peli , tal vez mas desarrollo de personajes , no aburre pero no era lo q esperaba.

Nick B (au) wrote: One of those movies that are so bad its good, I'll admit a lot of the snakes and lizarads were pretty freaky and kind of made my skin crawl. It was cool seeing sam elliot really young but it was weird him not having the deep voice.

Sam S (mx) wrote: Breathless is a French new wave film that is interesting in the way portrays its characters and their daily struggles, but the film suffers from its "unique" style of editing.

Anthony K (kr) wrote: I was truly, and pleasantly, shocked that Clerks holds up. Like, holds up as an intelligent and watchable film today (2016). I've always been impressed with the technical details of how the film was made, being a total pioneer in independent film. But it's legitimately a success as a piece of modern entertainment, and that is probably the best compliment I can give it.

Rosanna Y (ca) wrote: no likable characters

Pampalini L (mx) wrote: Idealistic engineer-trainee and his experiences in teaching a group of rambunctious white high school students from the slums of London's East End.

Ryan T (jp) wrote: Worst movie ever had crappy fake water and every thing else. And the car chase seen the car keep changing. Just all bull