Coffee Date

Coffee Date

Todd's life takes a turn when his friendship with a homosexual causes everyone in his life to start questioning his sexuality.

Todd's life spins out of control when an unexpected friendship with a gay man causes everyone in his life to start believing he's gay. Do they know something he doesn't? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher K (it) wrote: What a great movie, heartfelt and inspirational. Must see

Keith C (jp) wrote: A fun, tense, gruesome ride.

Marku O (gb) wrote: Best Christmas movie of all time! 5/5

MT B (br) wrote: "If you want to stay healthy in America, don't get sick"

Tiffany F (fr) wrote: Mexico setting = immense, dialogue=awesome, story= great, and the acting=terrific. There are so many things going on and explaining these characters is difficult, but they all intertwine in the end. I think it??s exclusive and luminous. John loves women and he also understands them. The ending is disappointing. The film draws you in into the end and then drops you off. I wasn??t satisfied with the way the ending was confined. Job well done

Robert B (it) wrote: Any movie that combines bio-weapons and ice cream trucks has to be good right? Ah, no. The plot is simply stupid, so there is no real point of going into that. Cuba Gooding Jr. won a Oscar 3 years before, and it is kind of shocking that he was reduced to playing token black characters in such a short time. It doesn't help the fact that he says SHIT a lot and the classic token black character phrase of AW HELL NAW! Skeet Ulrich was a pretty decent supporting actor but he cleary isn't cut out to be leading man material. The action simply isn't that thrilling and the comedic attempts fall horribly flat. It seems ever since Lethal Weapon, Hollywood keeps trying to crank out black/white buddy movies, and the 90s were chock full of them. It's a small wonder that most of the mine the same territory, and mostly all of them are bad.

Super K (us) wrote: An adventure. The horrible things that go on in other countries. I hope freedom will soon find them.

Demonic N (br) wrote: This looks really crap.

Aaron W (it) wrote: One of the funniest mockumentaries ever made, yet no one has seen it. Do yourself a favor and check this flick out!

BECKA (fr) wrote: You can see Tom's pp if u look REAL CLOSE...LOL!!!

Bernard E (ag) wrote: Set in Japan at the time of the Korean War, this is an interesting film about inter-racial marriage and racism. However, at times I felt it was being racist itself - like casting Ricardo Montalban as Japanese. What's up with that? I am also struck by the naive notions of love in the 50s. For example, the Red Buttons character Airman Joe Kelly (in an oscar winning performance) says he is so deeply in love that he would give up his American citizen ship for his Japanese fiance. Later, we learn that she starts taking English lessons AFTER the wedding. What's up with that? I loved Brando. Patricia Owens is also tres hot as Brando's Southern Bell fiance before they break up and he goes native.

Giorgos M (mx) wrote: This movie belongs to the great area of horrors and truly it has the right to be.For its generation was innovative and smart.The acting isn't so good except the acting of Sarah Michelle Gellar who is just incredible.P.S. I saw Scary Movie first and this movie after, so i was laughing the whole time.

Quincy T (ru) wrote: More of an embarrassment to itself than a parody of Fast and Furious. Long gone are the days of Hot Shots, Naked Gun and even Scary Movie. All we have now is the likes of Superfast! whose biggest advantage is tailgating the release date of Fast and Furious 7. A few good jokes and impressions aside, the film is ironically incredibly slow, churning already rehearsed juvenile jokes repeatedly to achieve some form of entertainment. Story is inspired by the Fast and Furious titles, mainly the earlier one. An undercover cop is trying to infiltrate a crew of street race. It matters little since barely any of it makes sense anyway. The cast is selected primary due to their resemblances to Fast and Furious characters, give or take. Fake Paul Walker misses the mark by miles. Character development is non-existent, unless you count Fake Michelle Rodriguez coming in term with her lesbian urge as one. At midway point the film even abandons names altogether and called its characters Rapper Cameo or such, which is admittedly pretty good. Fake Rock is also decent, he looks particularly similar to real Rock even down to the gestures. It's a bit creepy honestly.Script material has been around for more than a decade, people tend to jest about the highly implausible nature of Fast and Furious. Unfortunately, Superfast! does so little original humor as it relies on heavy slapstick and actual slapping. There's a heap of brash jokes to induce cringe effect on the audience. A couple of the gags are acceptable, such as the commentary on usual pop culture or when it breaks the fourth wall. I guess if a film takes lots of pot shots, some will eventually land. It also remembers to spice up the scenes with scantily clad women, although one can't blame it for following this already proven exciting gimmick. The whole movie felt so lengthy, I could've sworn that it was more than two hours as it drove around in circles. There are a couple of amusing bits, especially when it has lowered your standard after a few scenes. These are still not enough as incentive to take a slow tedious drive with Superfast!.

Adam R (de) wrote: John Wayne is excellent in one of his more iconic roles as Rooster Cogburn. It's definitely a worthy classic film that everybody should see once. (First and only viewing - 6/14/2012)