After her younger sister gets involved in drugs and is severely injured by contaminated heroin, a nurse sets out on a mission of vengeance and vigilante justice, killing drug dealers, pimps, and mobsters who cross her path.

As a nurse, Coffy has seen the ill effects of drugs up close, but it isn't until her little sister becomes addicted to heroin that she finally decides to take vigilante justice against inner-city drug dealers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Coffy torrent reviews

Tree E (it) wrote: Fantastic movie! Probably the best movie of the year!

Kyle B (br) wrote: Simply put, It's just not very good.

WeiThye L (us) wrote: D:4.5 A:5 S:4.5??????????????????????????????????????????????????

TiFfAnY H (gb) wrote: so bad it doesnt even have a picture!!!! WORST MOVIE EVER MADE

Ch2istophe2 D (it) wrote: Alot of the scenes were repeated,besides that i found this boring.

M C (es) wrote: It's still entertaining but much more mild and kid-ish than the first two. 43/100

Mark S (fr) wrote: If you love movies that show collisions between cultures you will enjoy this one.

Rafiq U (de) wrote: Super quirky, strange, and funny. The Leningrad Cowboys are such an oddball set of characters that you can't help but love them. Even in the most depressing of moments there is still comedy to be found. The progression of the film is pretty great from scenery to scenery and it doesn't overstay it's welcome, clocking in two minutes shy of 80 minutes. The music is super fun too, I like it, but I can definitely see by the poor English vocals, that some definitely wouldn't. If I had to pick a problem with the movie... it'd probably be that it's over too soon. The movie really flies by and it's kind of a shame. Thankfully, there's a sequel. Also personally, some settings I wasn't super keen on and it's very lonely feeling in parts, but it's a minor qualm.

Tony Z (au) wrote: This movie is awesome because it is true. Its awesome because Audie Murphy actually downplayed the events so people wouldn't think he was making stuff up. Audie Murphy is got the biggest pair of balls I have ever seen.

Pierce B (nl) wrote: Much worse a second time. I understand that's its supposed to be annoying on some level, but they forgot to make it "good" annoying.

Kyle C (it) wrote: It's been 20 years since Harry and Lloyd dumbed their way through situation after situation, and was it all worth it, well, some parts of it yes because the funny parts for the most part, are very, very funny, but in between all of the funny parts are forced jokes and a story that is lackluster and pretty lame at best. Jim Carrey is still one of the best comedic geniuses but he's forcing his way through some of this and Jeff Daniels is, well, just too old to play this part. The supporting cast doesn't help either because they aren't all that strong, Kathleen Turner sleepwalks through her role, Rob Riggle is annoying and all the others are just there. Like I said, some of the laughs are at a very high level but the majority of the rest falls flat. They even tried to recycle some of the jokes from the first film, but were delivered in a way that you knew that it wasn't genuine. If this would have been released a few years after the 1st film I think that it would have been more well received but this one was one that the fans have been asking for so they decided to do it, and this was all they could come up with? I'm pretty sure the majority vote wanted more. I'm going to have to go NEUTRAL on this because I did laugh so I can't completely hate it but it was difficult to get through the rest. Jim Carrey's good, but that's the only plus I can give it, sorry.