Cohen and Tate

Cohen and Tate

A boy kidnapped by two mismatched hitmen puts them at each other's throats while being driven to their employers, possibly to be killed. Cohen, an older professional becomes increasingly irritated with his partner Tate, a brutish killer, when their prisoner uses unnatural guile and resourcefulness to play them off against each other.

A boy kidnapped by two mismatched hitmen puts them at each other's throats while being driven to their employers, possibly to be killed. Cohen, an older professional becomes increasingly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angie S (au) wrote: It was ok (the chaparo guy was funny )

Hari A (ag) wrote: Crime saga at its best. Revenge, blood, deceit, guns, gangs, wars, politics and dialogues. All of this in native Bihari dialect. Epic. Even though the genre is similar to other crime movies produced in India, the originality however lies in the story. A tale of revenge that runs in the family, three generations down thereby unleashing a wave of killings. The first part was completely owned by Manoj Bajpai (Sardar Khan) whose impeccable performance reaches far. Whether comic lines, serious taunts or seducing Reema Sen or playing husband to Richa Chadda, he is simply brilliant. Very well supported by other actors. The second part was dominated by the pot smoking Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Faizal Khan) as he aims to continue taking revenge on Ramadhir Singh (Tigmanshu Dhulia) for killing his grandfather, the same way Sardar Khan spent his whole life taking revenge for his father's murder. Second part adds on more lively characters in the Khan family, like Perpendicular and Definite, who are new actors but nonetheless great to watch. The ending somehow let me down because during the last quarter it was clearly evident as to where the movie was headed. Brilliant music score by the newcomer Sneha Khanwalkar is very raw, witty, different and touches the right notes with regards to the theme of the movie. Specially Oh Womaniya, insane lyrics!!!!A colourful and a classic saga!! Another gem from the Anurag Kashyap stable!!

Tim H (br) wrote: Mumblecore auteur Joe Swanberg ("Nights & Weekends", "Young American Bodies") has made the film that is most likely an outgrowth of reconciling issues that have to had come up in his real life and marriage with this effort. Any doubt we might have to that interpretation of art imitating life is squelched by the first end credit "For Kris" (Kris is his wife).Jess Weixler, of "Teeth" indy/cult film fame, plays a young married actress that must deal with the emotional complications of rehearsing a play that has some racy sex scenes with an actor that she is attracted to while her musician husband (played by Justin Rice of "Mutual Appreciation") is out on tour. From that pitch alone, the arc of the film's narrative is pretty much a foregone conclusion and the most conventional of any of Swanberg's films. And this time, since everyone knows the trajectory this time, the verite

Tom H (nl) wrote: 13.11.2009,23.04.2010,06.12.2013,14.02.2016

Adam G (nl) wrote: While many of you will likely be befuddled over my title I'm sure it will make plenty of sense as you read on. Flash of Genius is one of those movies that looked as though it had the potential to be a brilliant oscar contender. It seemed to take such a simple subject and turn it into something much more meaningful. It set itself up as the "Remember the Titans" of the windshield wiper drama genre. It didnt turn out that way though.The direction and writing are always the most important parts of a film. It's almost impossible to salvage an awful script, but if you mix a muddled script with direction that also doesn't know where to go, that's a recipe for disaster. "Flash of Genius" is directed by Marc Abraham, who gives his fairly unimpressive directorial debut, after having produced for a little under 2 decades. He seemed to overestimate the amount of sympathy the audience would give the main character, Dennis Kearns. Kearns is really a fairly unreasonable and stubborn man who essentially ruins his life in order to get credit for an invention he engineered.The style of the film is fairly non-descript other than a washed out tone it seemed to have across every frame that made it look slightly different and interesting. The pacing isn't the greatest either. The movie isn't totally awfully slow, but it certainly feels longer than its 2 hour running time, and it constantly felt like the main character was blowing things out of proportion. He alienates everyone around him, but I don't think the writer or the director understood that their main hero often looked way less logical or controlled than the people in the film that were supposed to be unreasonable jerks. The director and writer didn't seem to understand that this film would have been far more interesting had it been handled as a dark tale of obsession and despair rather than an inspirational family drama about a regular guy who suddenly turns into a crazy a**hole because Ford screwed him over once. They kind of make him out to be this hero of engineers where I really don't know who couldn't see him as a selfish, obsessed old man that ruined his life over a thing and alienated all the people that should have mattered more.It's a very sad story, that was advertised and played off as something you were supposed to see as "Wow, what a struggle of the human spirit. What an amazing man to stick to his beliefs for so long." So the writing and direction in the film is totally mishandled and muddled throughout much of the movie. There are a few great scenes that seem to really cut to the core of the character though. One is the conversation that Kearns has with his lawyer after the lawyer gets Ford to reach a settlement offer, and that was truly effective, and something that needed to be touched on much more throughout the film.Aside from the main characters, most of the other characters are hardly developed at all. All that you know is that his oldest son is mad at him, which seems to be the proper reaction judging by how much he split up the whole family. And the rest of his kids just kind of exist... His wife was very supportive while they were married, but then just got tired of it and left. Anyone should have after years and years of legal battles, and constant research.The acting is pretty solid from the cast featuring Kinnear in the lead role. He gives a solid performance, but seemed to be mis-directed in some scenes that really pushed the character away from the audience because he was too pushy or too paranoid. All of the other members of the cast don't ever get much of a chance to shine except Alan Alda's character who has a couple very memorable scenes which were probably two of the best in the film.The music in the film was probably one of my very biggest complaints. It's a bunch of kind of odd blues tunes with a very heavy organ backdrop that makes me feel like a black choir is going to pop up in the middle of every scene and just start blasting songs about Christ for everyone to hear. It does not work at all, and is probably the most noticeably annoying composition I've heard in a long time."Flash of Genius" is an utterly mishandled film that could've been great had someone else had the opportunity to work on it. It's a film that really try's to be inspiring, but just ends up alienating the viewer in the process. It sees a man who is far from incredible and makes him look like someone to be admired. I'd say I would've identified with the movie more if it was clear that the writer and director understood the nature and the gravity of the terrible decisions their main character made. It didn't need to be inspiring, it just needed to be a movie that had an entirely different tone and feel thatn it had. It needed to be darker and more complex, a movie that teaches it's audience a lesson about what not to do, rather than saying, "Look at this crazy guy, isn't he great?". "Flash of Genius" could have been brilliant, but instead it's another forgotten film in a thus far very underwhelming fall season.3/10

Erica H (es) wrote: The trailer made me laugh and actually made me cry...looks like a great documentary

Mike S (it) wrote: Writing wasn't very good, very very very cliche in a negative way. Changing writers had an impact and Scream 3 was a dud. Scream 1 and Scream 2 were excellent, Scream 3 was not.

Aaron H (kr) wrote: This movie was very nostalgic for me.

Mike F (de) wrote: VERY FUNNY film by the master himself!!

Mary Kathryn P (ru) wrote: Raw and human. Robert Redford made a surprising and intense breakout into the directing scene with his first film, Ordinary People. He portrays the story so realistically that for some it may appear slow and boring. Human emotions are so complex and he plays on that beautifully in collaboration with a great source novel. Outstanding.

Jamison R (kr) wrote: Decent film but Bob Hope always had trouble leaving behind his "Bob Hope" persona. In a serious role like this, his deadpan delivery comes off as bored and rushed. Cagney was great in a small role

Steve S (mx) wrote: Critics are wrong on this one...real good movie

Tsubaki S (ag) wrote: Yet another wet dream of a movie plot.

Igor A (jp) wrote: Ingmar Bergman e ???????? ????????!