On the night a comet is passing near Earth, eight friends at a dinner party experience a troubling chain of reality bending events. When the power goes out, they discover that the only house on the street left with power also holds many secrets.

Three couples - Emily and Kevin, Hugh and Beth, Amir and Laurie - attend a dinner party at the house of their friends Mike and Lee. The dinner party goes fairly well until the power goes out following a comet sighting. They discover that a house down the road still has power and a few of them decide to investigate, only to find that it is Mikes house. Several strange and bizarre occurrences follow, leading them to the conclusion that they';re intersecting a parallel universe with a parallel dinner party. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Coherence torrent reviews

Chris P (ru) wrote: With the low rating I went in with low expectations. While I normally agree with the overall score, this one is WAY under rated. My husband and I both thoroughly enjoyed it.

Andy W (mx) wrote: Some stylish robots... And that's about it. Recycled plot, bland characters add up to a boring film.

Mike V (es) wrote: A very funny, very sweet movie about the relationship between two brothers, one of whom has Asperger's. I think that the original Swedish title, "In Space There Are No Feelings", more accurately relates to the story than the English title, for one thing because Simon was anything but a simple person. Bill Skarsgard plays a convincing and sympathetic role as Simon, who doesn't understand human feelings very well but tries to make the best of the situation, and Cecilia Forss was wonderful in her role as the woman who befriends him.

Mm C (ag) wrote: Weak storyline without many laughs. Unlikeable characters despite having some talented actors.

Marcus D (nl) wrote: Love story between Winter and Spring.

Maryam T (kr) wrote: Alright. Pretty boring after a while. Not really recommended.

Evan H (ca) wrote: This movie is hilariously bad! It has cheesy lines and words that flash on the screen in red and are enough to give you seizures! The sex scenes are on the sexy side, but kept too short! But again, at least they are graphic scenes : )

Kurt N (au) wrote: Make no mistake: this is your typical action hero flick attempting to disguise itself as something more. Pacing is dull and I found it tiring to continue to watch the film, all to have it not pay off with your very cliche hero-saves-girl-from-badguy ending. It's even down my the docks! Absolutely disappointing. Also, I'm trying to understand what the thought process is about Hannibal's character development, because he grows from being vengeful to being vengeful without regard, but never crosses into psychotic. Ever.

Aswin W (nl) wrote: Brilliant film. I got to admit that this film showed the tough times between the jews, white and blacks in 1950's in Baltimore. Sure the characters are fiction but they were great as they connect to eacher to find love while same time caught with conflicts which makes unfair back those days. The acting here was great not just by Ben Foster also with the support Joe Montagna and Brody. Also it had great soundtrack plus costumes were great too. I think this movie was great directed and must see as it showed an interesting story sad though.

Deb K (au) wrote: If you liked the Chucky Movies, you would like this movie. Basically there's a crypt in ancient times where a child with a devilish goat head releases an evil under certain circumstances. This Evil entity takes control of the "Dolly Dearest" Dolls, and they come alive and possess the little girl, and wreak havoc on their family. I've seen worse... I've seen Better!

Jack T (br) wrote: Ok movie, it didnt have the best special effects

Yng Y (fr) wrote: Heavy-handed satire like a comic strip of super'heroes' come to life in the loudest way possible, using irony as weapon against american imperialism. Made in 1970, the political message still has relevance today although there is too much humour to be truly vitriolic and this film certainly has its quirks.

Art L (es) wrote: Bela's awesome in this. I'm only starting to watch old horror movies, and I'm already becoming a fan of Bela Lugosi :)

Kristin R (es) wrote: A touching and beautiful story about love and how it can be found even when you are not looking for it.