Cold Steel

Cold Steel

Sharpshooter Mu Liangfeng (Peter Ho) with Platoon Leader (Tony Leung Ka Fai) perform specific tasks, with the big villain “ghosting” (Guo Mingxiang) and start match-ups/duel. The trailer for director David Wu’s “Cold Steel”... could be a hell of a lot of fun. Everything you could possibly want from a Chinese action flick is in full effect, especially if you like your sex and carnage presented in an insanely stylish fashion.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Chinese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   robbery,   police,  

Sharpshooter Mu Liangfeng (Peter Ho) with Platoon Leader (Tony Leung Ka Fai) perform specific tasks, with the big villain “ghosting” (Guo Mingxiang) and start match-ups/duel. The trailer for director David Wu’s “Cold Steel”... could be a hell of a lot of fun. Everything you could possibly want from a Chinese action flick is in full effect, especially if you like your sex and carnage presented in an insanely stylish fashion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leslie B (de) wrote: What a special love story.

Markus S (it) wrote: Interesting film, good peformances, nice twists and a surprise ending.

Ian M (ag) wrote: Very funny, yet touching at times, and a brilliant slice of entertainment. I've always been intrigued by burlesque, and some of the images remind me of that. Oh yes, and can I have Will Young for Xmas please? Thanks....

Lauri L (ru) wrote: Not your everyday cup of tea this movie. It shows without holding back dark side of psyche and the power play in social relationships in inimitable style. It is shocking how accurately filmmakers portrait these key figures in modern society: how people subconsciously are looking to be diminished to the role of victim or how subconsciously people blame someone else "unknown" - "outsider" be it refugee or handicapped for the crimes committed that they fail to find responsible for. But don't take this the wrong way - this is absurd - hilariously funny and deeply sad - in a way that only real life could be - highly recommended.

Tony B (ru) wrote: I have a DVD copy of this and got it when it first came out but haven't watched it in more than a decade and forgot how interesting and entertaining this film was. A little rough and amateurish at times, but some very well done, sleek, and strong scenes with good performances overall by most of the cast.

Alec B (ca) wrote: One of the most touching and sincere movies I have seen in a long time. I expected it to be more humorous but I wasn't disappointed either way.

Lindy W (ag) wrote: Favoritest movie from my childhood!

Zachary M (kr) wrote: By no means is this the first or only film to talk about divorce and the effect it has on a family and children outside of just the adult's relationships. However, this one feels much more grounded than most others. Most make the actual divorce a huge deal with a specific event or sudden plot point, but this movie shows a sobering fact about most of these type of situations, sometimes relationships just end. They fall apart for the most mundane reasons and we as humans must go on living afterwards.

Sean M (de) wrote: I remember being a kid and being scared of the commercial alone. It was a very eerie commercial. When I finally get to watch the movie, the commercial is still much more haunting than the movie. Kind of flows at a snails speed.

Jon C (mx) wrote: My grandad (Norman) was in this. He is third Salvationist from the right.

Veronique K (au) wrote: well-acted society melodrama upon the marginalized women who make a degraded living dealing with mobster under the risk of extortions and deforming threats. bette davis plays clip joint hostess marie dwight with quick wits and gutsy slyness who leades her fellow companions striving for the tough money in night club. once marie gets herself into the jam by helping one of her clients avoiding the mob assasination then she has to collaborate again with the mobster to beat off his murder accusation. subsequently marie's publicity in news paper exposes her true profession to her pure as lily college sister who envies marie's seemingly camelot-alike career of merrymaking nightlife that induces the family fued, then his sister gets herself disposed of by the mobster leader. repentant marie seeks justified revenge on the mobster even at the cost of a mark on her precious facecheek. there's nothing too unique about this flick but leastly it's not awfully made, mainly straitforwardly sketched scene from scene, except director bacon sympathesizes the female characters by depicting the draining side of their overlaborous life for survival. mostly you witness their oppressive exhaustion in the apartment and their inability to retrack back to norm. the ending emits the pathos arised by social criticism as the news paper glorifies bogart's attorney but neglect the gritty five female-martyrs. topicality of social drama and good performance from its cast are the best asset of it. bette davis does another brillaint acting to incarnate into another strong-willed individualistic woman who has the defying courage to contend for her belief. humprey borat earns another breakthrough chance in the 30s to prove that he could do much more than playing sordid gangster villains with the role of decent district attorney. alongside with other four actresses as marie's best pals are showered with the right-nuanced glamourous wardrobe wich belongs restrictively to the 30s, sponsored by orry-kelly who also undertakes errol flynn's sea hawk.

Timothy S (ru) wrote: I'm sure there are a wealth of worthy thrillers to be made from the James Patterson "Alex Cross" novels, and maybe "Along Came a Spider" might have even been one during another day and age. As it stands, this is a forgettable film hampered every step of the way by a bland cast and weak script riddled with red herrings and ridiculous cliches.The story as it is set up is an intriguing one, but it gets so polluted along the way with preposterous plot twists and silly story lines that are never fully resolved. Morgan Freeman cannot be faulted as Cross, despite the fact that he is saddled with some pretty lame dialogue meant to make him sound wise and mysterious. It does little to convey the character as the master sleuth he's meant to be.The rest of the cast is disappointing, with Monica Potter little more than just another pretty face playing a Secret Service agent and Michael Wincott as the not-very-menacing villain. The real bad guy here is screenwriter Marc Moss, who litters his script with meaningless complications and shocks that only work because they're so outlandish that there's no plausible way they make sense. It's bad enough he throws one Secret Service agent in on the kidnapping plot, but when the final twist is revealed, you'll want to head for the exits. Yeah, you won't see it coming but that's not a compliment because the whole thing defies logic.The pieces for a good puzzle are all present in "Along Came a Spider". The problem is that when you put them together, you discover you have a lot more pieces than you need.

IOnell S (es) wrote: De todos los personajes freakis que hace Kristen este se lleva el premio. Un carcter inexpresivo e poco feliz pero con algo de vida interior. Una historia inusual.

Allen G (kr) wrote: As a big Paul Thomas Anderson fan, let me just say that; films such as this are why I am a big Paul Thomas Anderson fan. It's clear from the get-go that Magnolia is an ambition work- you know what to expect going in. An ensemble cast, each playing intricate characters whose lives we will catch a good glimpse of and all the while we'll know that everything is going to come together in some way and we're gong to leave feeling completely satisfied. To some extent, that is exactly what happens, but it also isn't.Sound complicated? Well, that's because it is. Magnolia is brimming with ideas and it's blatantly obvious that Paul Thomas Anderson had a blast when putting this one together. There are so many characters, none of whom are short-changed in this three hour film and so many different emotional colours are touched upon throughout the piece. It's never even slightly dull or boring though and it goes from dramatic to comedic with such ease and Grace that you begin to understand why the likes of Hoffman, Moore, Cruise, and Macy would all be willing to take part in this film without any of them ever being the star. There is no one story here, instead there's like seven or something- I don't even remember, but I loved them all and I believed them all and I didn't really care that, as the film went on, it looked less and less likely that I was every gong to feel truly fulfilled when all was said and done. By the half-way point, I saw no real way for the characters involved to come together and it was fine with that. I still wanted it though, I really did. Then it happened. This... thing, just kind of happened and, as critic Joe Siegel noted (very disparagingly, I might add):"(it) had nothing to do with anything that we've seen before that I couldn't watch. I literally could not watch it".I, on the other hand, could not stop watching it. This 'moment' will ever hit you as the great success or the great failure in this film and I'll let you watch it for yourself and decide. However, for me, it was clearly a success and it remains one of my favourite moments in film history. As Ebert put it:"what it transforms at the end is our expectation that every movie has to be dead in the water and be predictable, be formulaic and in the way we expect it to. This movie is alive and free to surprise us". This is a pretty melodramatic work and it heavily features the music of Aimee Mann, going as far as to have characters in the film both quote her work and, at one, point even actually sing it. To some people, this will probably be a bit much but, hey, I really like Aimee Mann and I think the songs are great so I liked it. You might think that this film is a disaster but I think that you should watch it anyway. Why? Well, instead, you might end up thinking that it's kind of a masterpiece. Isn't individual interpretation great?

kyo 9 (de) wrote: what a freakin twist in the ending.. great movie..

Jennifer I (fr) wrote: Fond memories of this movie from my childhood. My brothers and I loved Vinnie!

Robert I (au) wrote: Pretty amusing. And a not too shabby retelling of Hamlet.