Three prisoners, Jack Rose, Tom Willis and Nick McGrade, embark on an heroic plan to escape from a World War Two POW camp. As Rose And Willis are recaptured by the Germans, McGrade manages to traverse their clutches and travels to London to inform Rose's girlfriend of his capture. So begins a complex love story...

Four Brits tunnel out of a German POW camp. One is killed, two are recaptured and one escapes. Scottish Corporal Nicholas McBride, the lone escapee is a slacker and reluctant soldier, but ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Colditz torrent reviews

John P (gb) wrote: Good Documentary. Brings me a whole new view on villainy.

Tania G (jp) wrote: What a disappointment! Vincent Gallo and Michael Madsen have really lost it... Hollywood sucks!

Eda (nl) wrote: Penelop Cruz was awesome in this movie i loved it.

MEC r (fr) wrote: This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.

Ben S (gb) wrote: A very good, witty, some what comical musical more. Chopped full of catchy tunes, great voices, phenomenal acting, and a crazy plot that just wraps together in one visual masterpiece. Definitely give it a try.

Kirk M (es) wrote: Disgusting gore, comically indecent... good for late night twisted viewing.

Matthew J (ca) wrote: "Married to the Mob" suffers from the problem most (if not all) mafia-related films suffer from and that is the fact that the good guys (in this case the FBI) can never be as interesting as the bad guys (in this case the Mafia) specially if there's Dean Stockwell involved on the other side. In the light of this I failed to see Matthew Modine as the hero of the film and I found myself rooting all the way through for the mafia to win and when they of course don't I found myself slightly sad. The problem lies partly in Modine's performance. It is so goofy, uncharismatic and (at times) creepy that I hoped more and more that he'd just disappear (be reassigned to find the Black Lodge if there's any luck). More over as the secondary romantic lead, the otherwise good Michelle Pfeifer poses for a contradictory character (first being a first class bully with a pee-sized brain and than suddenly turning into this kind, considerate and intelligent person). I never found myself much involved in their mediocre love story that takes up half the film. On the other side (the Mafia side) we have the ever-so-brilliant Dean Stockwell in a charismatic, hilarious and yet strangely realistic performance as the mob boss Tony "The Tiger" Russo who is afraid of nothing but his wife played brilliantly by Mercedes Ruehl. There are several great scenes featuring either of them (like the one in which she threatens Pfeifer by breaking a package of eggs with her bare hands or the action scene in which Stockwell has a shoot out with a clown in a parking lot of a drive-through). The problem (again) lies in the inability to marry the two stories in a satisfying narrative. The movie jumps from one side-story to another with a reckless disregard of the main story involving the murders of Alec Baldwin and Nancy Travis (another pair of performances better than the ones given by Pfeifer and Modine). The film does eventually come together to a great climax in Miami (possibly the only satisfying part of the movie actually featuring Modine) but it somehow feels too late. I do however have to admit liking "Married to the Mob" to a fault and enjoying it while it lasted. It's entertaining as long as you aren't in it for the love story.