Cab driver Max picks up a man who offers him $600 to drive him around. But the promise of easy money sours when Max realizes his fare is an assassin.

Max Durocher, a meticulous Los Angeles cab driver, finds himself the his hostage during an evening of the hitman's work in Los Angeles. He must find a way to save both himself and one last victim. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Collateral torrent reviews

Edil I (br) wrote: This one looks interesting and the books were great.

Alberto V (mx) wrote: Estpida y sensual Alexis Knapp.

Paul D (ca) wrote: This is another case of good actors giving great performances in an otherwise poorly put together film. Got a little crowded with characters for such a short run-time.

Maha S (au) wrote: Good movie but not for the fainthearted movie goer. It's what you develop in your mind that makes it a worthwhile experience; plus great actors.

Claus M (it) wrote: A nice movie about been who you are and following your heart.

Howard E (de) wrote: Oh, the horror! No, not the horror of war. Well, that too. I'm referring to the horror of taking a perfectly good book and turning it into a perfectly awful movie. THE BOOK THIEF is the film adaptation of the very popular 2005 novel of the same name by Australian author, Markus Zusak.It is 1938, Nazi Germany, and Liesel Meminger is a young German girl who is brought to the home of an older couple, Hans and Rosa Hubermann, as they have agreed to foster her. It is unclear to Liesel why her mother had to give her up but she seems to take it all in stride... at least she does in the movie. At the funeral for her younger brother who has died en route to the Hubermanns, Liesel snatches up the gravedigger's funeral guide as a souvenir. With that act, she embarks on a pastime of book thieving, or "book borrowing" as she calls it. As war falls upon the residents of Himmel Street in the fictional Munich working class suburb of Molching, favours are called in, secrets are kept and alliances are made... all while Death watches and waits. Needless to say, Death doesn't have to wait very long as the war turns against the Nazis, which everyday Germans pay for dearly.When I heard that the film was going to be made, I wondered how they were going to handle the language issue. Although the novel was originally written in English, the dialogue is generously infused with German words - most of them being expletives and most of those being delivered by the protagonist's foster mother. I had hoped that the film would be in German but no such luck. Instead, we're given a mixed bag of mostly German-accented English; some full-on German, which is subtitled; and a bit of German 101 words such as "nein".I also wondered how they were going to handle the time progression. The story runs from 1938 to 1945 - seven years, which for teenagers is half a lifetime. I had hoped they would use two sets of young actors but they went with just one and that just didn't work at the end, as the kids still looked like kids when the war ended. That being said, the two main young actors - Canadian actress Sophie Nlisse and German actor Nico Liersch did a great job and really held up their end against acting heavyweights Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson.Lastly, I wondered how they were going to handle the character of Death, whose narration throughout the novel adds to the sense of foreboding doom that will ultimately turn Himmel Street ("Himmel" being German for "heaven") into hell. In the film, Death becomes a pretentious gimmick whose narration reduces the story to an albeit dark fable.If you haven't read the novel, you may just like the film. It is slickly made - although the sets look like something Disney might create if they ever do a Bavarialand - and the acting is very good. It's certainly suitable viewing for young people, as even the victims of the Allies' carpet bombing die without a scratch on their bodies. But the screenplay is a mess. Writer Michael Petroni, who also penned the third Narnia film, takes the best scenes from the novel and either distills them down to quick, meaningless vignettes or dispenses with them altogether. Liesel and Rudy become best friends but we don't understand why. Mama Rosa is gruff but she's not nearly as caustic as she is in the novel. And when Jews are being marched down Himmel Street (on their way to Dachau Concentration Camp, as the novel explains), we're left thinking that many, many more people in Molching were hiding Jews in their basements than just the Hubermanns.So, save your money and give this film a miss or, better yet, use your money wisely and buy the book.

Adam F (mx) wrote: "Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation" isn't as good as the first but it tries something different and mostly succeeds so it's entertaining. The first thing that really needs to be addressed is how the movie looks. Quality-wise, the movie doesn't hold a candle to the original because the budget is drastically reduced (from over 100 million to about 7 million) so you don't get sweeping landscapes full of bugs getting mowed down by soldiers or even large armies walking through the scenery. We do get to see the "Arachnids" but we see a lot less of them and although they don't look perfect, they're decent.Instead of big battles, the film opts for a much smaller scale. The film plays mostly with claustrophobia (since the crew are stuck inside a single building while waiting to get picked up and rescued) and paranoia (with the humans often butting heads and the insects trying to manipulate them against one another). There are some new creature designs which are original and well done and the gore is convincing as well. We get some interesting characters and thankfully they are written well enough that they go through some convincing changes (there is a character that at the beginning seems like he will be a villain because he just acts like a jerk to everyone but changes his attitude completely once he realizes something is very wrong inside the base).The satirical videos are still present but not quite as successful and the acting is only ok. The real problem is that even though the movie is trying something different from the original (at least it's not just a low budget re-tread) in the realms of science fiction, it's not really taking a lot of chances because we've seen the paranoid "the enemy could be among us" sort of story many times before. For what it is though, it's entertaining throughout and if you're a) a fan of the original and b) able to accept that this is going to be a different type of story you'll enjoy yourself without falling in love with it. (Dvd, February 24, 2013)

Mark F (us) wrote: Great film must watch

Paul A (us) wrote: brilliant movie great acting and most of it actually happened in real life. full of suspense very good thriller movie

Dustin P (us) wrote: Extremely cheesy. It reminds me a bit of the old Sinbad movies. Could've been edited down a little more - 2 hours is too long for this film.

Pal T (us) wrote: Best movie ever. Period.

Joseph H (fr) wrote: This film is terrible and so predictible but it's still fun to see my two favorite slasher icons go at it. The film tries to make you care about characters that you just can't care for but it makes up for it with the epic conclusion with the two icons battling to the death!

Collin P (au) wrote: Now I was entertained watching this movie. But did I think it was good? Definitely not. This movie is terrible. It has corny lines, corny kills, and really could've benefitted from having more of a story and a grittier tone to it. It felt like I was watching a horror-comedy the whole time. That's not how I wanted to feel watching the Headless Horseman in a movie. Bottom line is, it's just not a great movie!

Eric V (es) wrote: I guess this film is more of a commentary on the Catholic church than a full-fledged exorcism movie. The church sends a priest to check out the validity of a woman showing signs of stigmata. After seeing things that he can't question, the priest then begins to unravel a conspiracy inside the church itself. This film tries to border on a message-movie drama and a slick, cool horror movie, but it never meshes.