College Swing

College Swing

Gracie Alden tries to graduate on college to get an inheritance.

Gracie Alden tries to graduate on college to get an inheritance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Devon W (ag) wrote: An unnecessary sequel that fails to give you that "revenge" fill, and instead just makes you feel sick.

Tony C (au) wrote: A really clever, moving exploration of human relations in space.

Michael V (es) wrote: Poor poor poor Ray Liotta. So sad to see you on direct to video. From beginning to end this never even feels like a sequel. Even by direct to video sequel standards. Almost like the title got changed after it was filmed. But none the less Liotta still delivers the goods. Never does he act like he's just there for a paycheck or bored and tired. And Hatosy does a tolerable job. Story line is nothing new. Walks the same path as many before it but for what it's worth it tries to be better then what a small budget sequel is. It has its entertaining moments and predictable but solid story. Worth a look at if you enjoyed the first one or other gritty corrupt cop dramas.

Skyler B (au) wrote: What the hell is up with all these dancing movies?

Kase V (au) wrote: An electric British gangster film with a slight grind house panache and a biting script. It's a lean and mean ride that is elevated by all the players involved, especially Kingsley and Winstone. Jonathan Glazer establishes himself as a unique voice with the engaging 'Sexy Beast'.

Wes S (fr) wrote: Long, dreadfully boring, and laughably bad. The characters are not interesting, the overall plot is silly, and the costumes are hilarious looking. While it may seem funny though, it's a long bland watch.

Gregory W (it) wrote: another winner from the master.

David L (br) wrote: 42nd Street may have some cheesy lines, not much of a plot and a cliched script, but having in mind its age, it is not cliched but rather one of the first of its kind influencing what is now considered a cliche story. What propels this film to an almost minor classic status however is its last third with phenomenal and catchy songs (especially the superb titular song), thrilling dance sequences and acts, elaborate set design and an all around fun ending. It may be a bit overrated, but it is nonetheless a charming ride and a joy to watch.

jesse k (ag) wrote: Wahlberg has less range than Charles Bronson and none of his charisma. This movie should have ended 45 minutes ago. I suppose I have to watch it until the bitter end.

Mel E (es) wrote: Pretty cute animated film.