a film by Jobin Ballesteros.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Filipino,Tagalog
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   police,   beer,  

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David L (fr) wrote: Tries hard to be Le Carre but ended up confusing until the big reveal at the end of the movie, when it made sense to me what the big brouhaha was about.

Aiu N (us) wrote: Hmmm just one major glitch otherwise it would have been almost perfect

Tina N (mx) wrote: Horrible movie! I would use the service from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to get rid of the memory of this movie.

Brian V (gb) wrote: Like the title suggests, this movie is at times graphic and indulgent and oddly spiritual in others. The story revolves around a womanizer searching for the ideal woman and projecting his fantasies while "doing the deed" with the ladies he seduces. All in the while, he is writing a graphic novel about stick figures to parallell his own life journey including his attempts to reconcile himself with his estranged family. Like the main character, this movie really doesn't know where it's going or how it wants its story to end.

Pawel B (nl) wrote: Beginning was boring but then it was better with every minute, with the last story being the best one IMHO.

Sophia W (ag) wrote: 5 stars for this wonderful movie, also for the talented child actors

Lee M (es) wrote: Kollek's fondness for whimsical plot turns adds still more random elements to a movie that at times seems edited by a blindfolded monkey.

Battle T (es) wrote: I love Bette Middler, and granted I got in on like the middle of the movie. I sort of lost interest about 30 minutes to an hour into watching the movie.

Christopher B (ag) wrote: Fun formulaic and visually and soundwise pretty awesome despite its predictability, its fun with some credibility thanks to Cruise and Duvall's chemistry

Yuri B (nl) wrote: Classic 80's flick with Michael Keaton... & Richard Belzer.

Devon W (kr) wrote: Frankly, asides from the first 'kill scene' that is grainy, in super-slo-mo and with horrible screechy sound effects, the movie isn't too bad at all and actually pretty entertaining (despite some of the acting and really silly script writing). However, that one drawn out scene annoyed me so much I almost turned off the movie assuming the rest of it was going to be just as retarded.

Goofball Galahad (ag) wrote: A slightly more light-hearted follow up to "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" has some good moments, but there's just too much set up, too many bad songs and too much cynicism in this one. The end is like an anchor too. Hardcore Peanuts mavens and kids would problem not have as many issue with it as folks like me.

Anne F (jp) wrote: Oh the accents, the very bad accents...

Mike M (gb) wrote: God's Not Dead takes a creative concept and bogs it down with unnecessary subplots, cardboard characters and an overall preachy in your face execution that only gets more cringy as the film moves forward.

Wu L (au) wrote: the most classic King Kong Movie from the greatest Peter Jackson. just see it again before the new one comes

Andy T (ca) wrote: Even with a good premise for a love story and a great performance from Felicity Jones, Like Crazy spends way too much time on its main characters and completely rushes to its ending without showing any consequences of their actions.

Steve J (nl) wrote: Another brilliant film by Ben Wheatley, who's quickly becoming my favorite contemporary filmmaker. I wish I'd made this film.