Documentary on the director's meeting with Castro.

Documentary on the director's meeting with Castro. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lisandro Z (es) wrote: Great insight into Nimoy as a man and cool stories on how he shaped Spock's character. A must watch for any Star Trek fan.

TWana R (it) wrote: Kevin is hilarious. This is one of his best of the new Kings of Comedy.

Nathan M (nl) wrote: An interesting expose on fans and their role in art. From a Star Wars/Indiana Jones fanboy, this was worth the time.

David D (gb) wrote: What an amazing screenplay. Honest, sophisticated and hopeful.

Israel R (ca) wrote: I'm into animation, so when I saw that there was a movie that explained what happened in between pitch black & chronicles of riddick I had to see it... Now I own the trilogy.

Noname (es) wrote: Funny comedy movie and reminds me a bit of the movie "waiting" kinda. Its about 2 guys fighting for the employee of the month price. Price is a car and maybe the lovely hot girl who happens to like winner guys. I enjoyed this one , great flick.

John R (jp) wrote: 140831: Not sure what to say. Was not satisfied with the ending but overall a fun, unique film.

Maria R (br) wrote: Saw this before going to bed and dreamnt of it all night. Though not the best film, Judd's character seems oddly familiar.

Jennifer M (fr) wrote: Family triumphs over all in this heartrending dramedy

Phillie E (gb) wrote: It's watachable schlock, entertaining and funny in parts, campy and groan worthy in others.

Georgios L (gb) wrote: This is a testament to Christopher Lee's huge talent. A film that pretty much don't give us much in term of historical background, plot or performances is still a joy to watch just to enjoy Christopher Lee's superb acting. If you are a Christopher Lee fan you must watch this.

Ariel R (br) wrote: Was actually pretty good.

Tim E (au) wrote: I actually enjoyed this movie somewhat. Great cinematography, and an interesting idea for a movie. Love the actors. Unfortunately it was drawn out too long, and could be hit-or-miss for a good majority of people.

Ryan A (it) wrote: Great movie. One of my favorites