Come on Children

Come on Children

Ten teenagers journey down a path to self-discovery as they adjust to life on a farm in this examination of the stress and alienation of adolescence.

Born of talks with four hundred disaffected teenagers in the suburban belt around Toronto, the film reflects their recurring theme: "Wouldn't it be great if we weren't hassled by parents ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Inga H (ru) wrote: Great scfi horror thriller let down by a poor conclusion

Josh B (us) wrote: The show was great back in the day and this was about as good as any episode of that.

Tim M (kr) wrote: You're mileage will vary depending on how high you are..... At 90 minutes this would have been tight, at 113 it is loose and long overstays its welcome.

Jamie C (br) wrote: not my type of movie.. it was ok

Jeff D (au) wrote: Bizarre it actually loowered my IQ by 3 points but dark dry humor!!

Mariah F (jp) wrote: three stars for nostalgia. does indeed live up to its name.

Bruce B (jp) wrote: Reflections in a Golden Eye" was recognized by John Huston himself as his most important film of his late period along with "The Man who would be a King". While generally the later is accepted as his masterpiece "Reflections in a Golden Eye" is misunderstood as Huston's "misfire", as a "flop", an opinion with which I tend to disagree. What we have here is a good drama whose story is based on a book by Carson McCullers, featuring superb performances from Marlon Brando who plays a U.S. Army Major in an isolated military fort somewhere in the south, who gradually discovers his homosexuality and Liz Taylor, simply great here in the role of his cheating wife. The film, which is basically a serious drama, turns out to be something of a cynical human comedy, due to "ridiculousness" of all of it's characters and the way the story is told by film's director - John Huston. Overall it's an intelligent film whose main theme is repression and ultimate frustration of desire with it's tragic consequences. 3 Stars 2-25-14

Tom H (nl) wrote: Imagine if the Beatles were told they were allowed to sing but but not write songs or play instruments. That's sort of what happened to L&H after 1940.

Cameron R (jp) wrote: kill bill meets ninja assassin meets the crank series