Come Rain Come Shine

Come Rain Come Shine

David Jason stars as cockney ex-docker Don Mitchell in this emotional drama. Don is incredibly proud of his son David’s affluent lifestyle. The cars, the detached house and private schooling for the children were things Don could only dream about as a young man. His wife Dora, on the other hand, has doubts about her son’s financial affairs. When David’s life starts to unravel under a mountain of debt, family bonds are tested to the limit.

Retired docker Don and his wife Dora live cautiously within their means. Their daughter Joanne, a single parent, struggles to make ends meet but their property developer son David has a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Betsy F (es) wrote: Oct 2016 - just enough of everything, and Jason Stratham '?

Donald C D (es) wrote: Politics aside, very entertaining. Love you Yonica!

Ralph F (us) wrote: It was fine. Why would anyone expect an academy award winner and judge it on that basis? The plot was as expected, and the acting was OK. And if you saw and enjoyed the original War Games, it had the fun "extra" (unexpected to me at least) of incorporating the professor and even W.O.P.R. into the end story. I'll watch it again.

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Henny K (de) wrote: This is great. The film moves in gloomy progress, gloomy faces. I like that. Unpredictable ending. I was wondering why didn't they just say everything what they want to say? I've felt a lump too in my throat by seeing them acted like that. *gemaas

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Orlok W (fr) wrote: Intriguing film noir with Robinson and Russell--A Woolrich Nightmare!!

Jacquline G (au) wrote: not my favorite price film, it was more emotional than suspenseful

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