Come Sweet Death

Come Sweet Death

Ex-detective Brenner wants to keep himself out of trouble but several murder cases and his ex-girlfriend Klara finally get him involved. But making decisions is not one his strengths.

Ex-detective Brenner wants to keep himself out of trouble but several murder cases and his ex-girlfriend Klara finally get him involved. But making decisions is not one his strengths. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Moo C (es) wrote: I think the show is funny, but it's over all stupid. So, this was just like the show. It's funny at times, but generally stupid. I did enjoy watching the Desperate Housewives' parody part.

Anna P (fr) wrote: It was ok i guess...*does 'so so' gesture with the hand* eeeeh? Good thing I didn't see it in a theatre. The acting was all right, but halfway through the film I forgot who was doing what or for what reason. Found the premise of the story a bit cheezy.If there is nothing else on TV might as well watch this.(I didnt understand, if she wanted to write about politics and religion why was she working for a fashion magazine? )

Kim S (br) wrote: So it's a little clunky, but Williams' portrayal of the bumbling, limited, and sometimes grand stories of being human is sweet to me.

Martin T (it) wrote: I was enthralled and delighted. The songs are more spread out than Footlight, and I found the screwball comedy to be quite amusing. Again, it ends with three big production numbers, and although none is quite as magical as "By a Waterfall", each is highly enjoyable. "I Only Have Eyes For You" and the title track are both really, really impressive, including some absolutely wild camera techniques, kaleidoscopic choreography, and a sea of Ruby Keeler's face. "The Girl at the Ironing Board" has some clever stuff too, like dancing longjohns. Really the whole thing is just charming.

Ed D (ag) wrote: Justin Timberlake isn't a bad actor! That being said, his presence in this movie is part of the problem, mainly because he's portrayed as a sympathetic character, and the movie likes to make us think that there were people with a gulty conscience in this scenario. I don't think there were, I think everyone in that situation knew what they were doing when they committed that act and I don't like to be told otherwise. In other areas, this is still an only semi-decent film peppered with flaws like the nice touch of showing us all the witnesses, but never having that actually lead to anything. The overly hedonistic lifestyle made it feel a little OC, and Bruce Willis' cringeworthy role as an old dad with liver spots was quite unnecessary.

Stuart K (kr) wrote: Adapted from William Gibson's 1981 short story of the same name, (Gibson did the screenplay here), and, to date, the only feature film made by artist and music video director Robert Longo, Johnny Mnemonic has some good ideas on display, but a late studio re-edit where they took 8 minutes out, which happened to leave the story lop-sided and with holes along the way, which is a shame, as it had potential. In 2021, Johnny (Keanu Reeves) is a mnemonic courier, which means that thanks to an implant in his brain, he can carry information discreetly without having to use the internet, where people could hack it. His handler Ralfi (Udo Kier), assigns him on a trip to Beijing, to collect some information. But, he finds himself under threat from the Yakuza, and as soon as he gets back to America, he's being targeted for the information he carries by Pharmacology executive Takahashi (Takeshi Kitano) and he's hired trained assassin Street Preacher (Dolph Lundgren) to find Johnny, and get that information. Johnny goes into hiding, and discovers why people are wanting this data. It's a good idea, but it came out too soon, when computer graphics were in their infancy and they look dated even now. But, this is a dry run for what Reeves would eventually come to do in The Matrix (1999), but despite having a good cast, that's not going to save this film.

Scott S (de) wrote: A fun film to watch. I enjoy the 5 different taxi drivers and their experiences