A look at the work of two stand-up comics, Jerry Seinfeld and a lesser-known newcomer, detailing the effort and frustration behind putting together a successful act and career while living a life on the road.

A look at the work of two stand-up comics, Jerry Seinfeld and a lesser-known newcomer, detailing the effort and frustration behind putting together a successful act and career while living a life on the road. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Melita M (br) wrote: an huge fan of thrash movies but this is just bad

Sanchayan S (nl) wrote: Nice piece of storytelling although the story itself it not enough compelling to make it great.

Sarah K (de) wrote: Didn't find it believable that a kid could get away w all of that w/o her mom being suspicious.

Nicki E (jp) wrote: A recent addition to my faves, but again, it has a strong-willed princess.

David C (jp) wrote: A moving and truly interesting documentary of the unlikely combination of blues legend Paul Pena and traditional throat singing of the people of Tuva, a small and remote Asian country sandwiched between Russia and Mongolia. As I've also felt the awkwardness and panic at being an American in a very foreign land, the situations hit a strange chord with me, if you'll pardon the slight pun.Though the cinematography is admittedly of inferior quality (though this is excusable given the circumstances) it's really the quirky story, the joy and pain of the real live characters, and most of all the intriguing music that drive this film along. An intriguing story, and one that I take a certain pride in because it goes a ways in countering the stereotype of Americans being hailed as Gods in foreign lands, simply because they are Americans. Rather, Pena is a true ambassador to the strange land and is honored not because of where he's from but because of the respect, interest, and love that he has for Tuva, its culture, and its people. The joy that crept across people's faces as the two cultures intertwined was very inspiring.

Tim S (fr) wrote: Once you've seen Deadly Blessing, it's immediate why it fell between the cinematic cracks and never really got seen by anybody. On the one hand you've got overbearing religious fanaticism looming heavily over everything in the film. On the other, you've got a horror element that doesn't make a whole lot of sense as to exactly why it's actually happening. Could it be that the leader of the Amish community (or Hittites as they're called in the film) is going to extreme lengths to stamp out evil in his neck of the woods, or is it something else? The film plays out like a mystery, but not many red herrings are thrown out there to give the audience a chance to point fingers at different suspects. It more or less plays up the cult aspects and attempts to drive home that it's a member of the Amish community doing the killing. So much so that when the plot is finally revealed, you might find yourself asking "Huh, where did that come from?" The film isn't a total loss though. Wes Craven doesn't always make the greatest films, but he does make interesting ones, and that's how I'd like to think of Deadly Blessing.

Eric H (it) wrote: This is a very popular movie in Russia. Also quite interesting for me! Because It shows that it is never late to restart and suceed in your life, and in spite of difficulties it is possible to reach your goal and success (whatever it means for you). Also it is a very captivating love storie.Watch give it a shot.

Jarrett G (es) wrote: Superb; a must watch. G.C. Scott is perfect.

Byron B (it) wrote: nominated for best foreign film by NBR

Rutger D (fr) wrote: This is a surprisingly bad movie. In a way it's fun to see that not all "old" movies were of the same high quality as e.g. North by Northwest. :)

Kristin B (us) wrote: Having grown up during the success of the Alien franchise but being too young to watch the films, going back and watching them now is interesting already knowing so much about the plot. Nonetheless, the original Alien movie holds up, and despite its futuristic setting, it still plays into our basic fears of the unknown and being trapped in a confined space. The cast is excellent, with a particularly kickass but nuanced performance by Sigourney Weaver.

Mark B (gb) wrote: Gwyneth Paltrow in the role of a woman scared to have the same disease as her late father Anthony Hopkins had. Basically a good drama that was transferred from a play to the big screen. This has all the elements to be an excellent drama. John Madden who has directed several excellent films before is just perfect to handle this cast and this story. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of go or movement in Proof. Excellent acting by the whole cast and honestly nothing that should be lacking. But for this feature, there seems to be something lacking to keep the flow and rhythm on an even keal. I have a feeling the script writer of the original play should have altered or added to the story. I guess it is just a misfire of transfer from one medium to another. I will say that I did enjoy the movie. If you've gotten this far in my short review, there was just something missing to make it a great movie. I wish it had been.

Kevin R (mx) wrote: A man can put up with only so much.A broken couple that do nothing but belittle each other have a young couple over to hopefully improve communication and build upon their relationship; unfortunately, communicating makes matters worse and the young couple may be more than they appear. The night takes a drastic turn and what was supposed to be an innocent night turns into an evening that will change the couple's lives forever."He spent God's money and saved his own."Mike Nichols, director of The Graduate, The Birdcage, Charlie Wilson's War, Closer, Wolf, Biloxi Blues, Working Girl, Primary Colors, and Catch-22, delivers Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf in his directorial debut. The storyline for this picture is very well written and contains unique and dynamic characters. The acting is remarkable and the cast includes Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, George Segal, and Sandy Dennis."Which are you, a house boy or stud?"This recently came on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) so I had to DVR this masterpiece. This was my first time watching this and I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of this picture and the wonderful interactions between characters. This is an all time classic that is worth adding to your DVD collection if you're a fan of the classics."You've gone crazy too."Grade: A+