Comedy of Power

Comedy of Power

A magistrate investigates a corporate executive.

A magistrate investigates a corporate executive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter J (us) wrote: Wow... this documentary is like no other!! It has opened my eyes to what may be the humanity's destroyer! I had my wife watch it and we are becoming more and more aware of how we waste water and how precious it is for my kids and their generation and beyond!

Brendan M (nl) wrote: One of the best acting ensembles of the 2000's with a compelling story at it's centre that offers no sure answers.

Ryan C (es) wrote: it was ok the story wasnt bad but could have been a better movie i think

Aldo M (ca) wrote: More theater than cinema ... but, with that constand narrating voice, it could also be a book. A voice reading a book, with live dialogs.The unusual, to say the least, setting takes minutes to become "nornal". And, despite everything happens in an almost empy theater stage, the plot is so interesting and catchy that the almost tree hours of the film looks much shorter. It is a little boring on spots, but it does not last long, something unexpected, and often extreme, is going to happen all the times.

Brian K (au) wrote: A badly executed dystopian fantasy saved from obscurity only because of Pamela Anderson's bare-chested heroine.

Sergio M (us) wrote: decent enough adaptation of one of my favourite books of all time. gainsbourg is fabulous as usual, and the story is almost as dark, haunting and disturbing as the book. some bits were very badly acted, thought, specially the dad, he was apalling, thank god he was only in a couple of scenes at the beginning.

Nate T (us) wrote: Fun but goofy outing. On DVD in widescreen, thankfully.

Van R (kr) wrote: Yul Brynner plays a Creole gunslinger who stops over in the western town of Pecos and accepts $500 to kill former Confederate soldier Matt Weaver (George Segal of THE DUCHESS AND THE DIRTWATER FOX) after Weaver has killed the man who is living in his farm. The entire population of this remote New Mexican town stands against Weaver. Pat Hingle plays the town's most promienent citizen who stole Weaver's ranch after Weaver went off to fight in the Civil War. Brynner reunites briefly with his MAGNIFICENT SEVEN co-star Brad Dexter in a thankless role as a stablekeeper. Director Richard Wilson and his wife Elizabeth wrote this offbeat, race oriented western that is more moody and loqacious than it needs to be. Brynner's character spends several minutes trying to instruct the townspeople about the correct way to pronounce his name. He is an unusual western character in that he is reluctant to ride a horse unless it is absolutely necessary. Certain townspeople discriminate against Jules based on his heritage. Half way or thereabouts into the action, Jules reveals his sympathy for the have-nots and goes on a rampage trying to destroy the town. Downbeat western is Brynner's worst oater and pretentious to boot. Somebody should have given Brynner a better looking hat.

Emily G (mx) wrote: Cheesy, but isn't EVERY Shirley Temple movie?

Tim C (mx) wrote: close to unwatchable.

Julie M (nl) wrote: Some of the dialog is trying a little too hard, but I liked it anyway.

Andrew O (jp) wrote: A brilliant but often muddled film that never retains a specific focus, and suffers from it. But none can argue with its fantastic script and performances, making this an indisputable classic.