Comic Book: The Movie

Comic Book: The Movie

A host of real-life celebrities - including Hugh Hefner, Stan Lee, and Kevin Smith - journey into the world of comic book fandom! Documentary filmmaker Donald Swan heads to the world's largest comic book convention where he encounters a culture of craziness that he's totally unprepared for.

The relationship between Hollywood and comic book culture is lambasted in this mockumentary as a beloved heroic character is rung through the studio system. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (ru) wrote: Fanny Ardant's another 'middle-aged but sexy, attractive' role.

Mayank F (nl) wrote: watchable. Table no 21 is well made but not well written. the plot is silly, like imran khan's kidnap. Rajeev has forgotten how to act, the female lead does a good job while all the credit is taken by paresh rawal. But dat doesn't make it worth watching.

Alejandro R (kr) wrote: Por como me la haban presumido todos pens que iba a ser el surgir del cine contemporneo mexicano... Lo nico diferente a las dems es que ya no se trata ni de zapatistas, ni de balazos, ni de poltica, pero sigue siendo una pelcula muy medianona...

Kris M (nl) wrote: Une oeuvre d (C)cevante de la part du r (C)alisateur de l'auberge espagnole qui tente de traiter un sujet d'actualit (C)s en le vulgarisant l'extrme. Lorsque la caricature devient trop (C)vidente, le propos se r (C)duit une vision pu (C)rile d'une collision sociale.

Benjamin W (mx) wrote: Just watch this movie.

Stephanie L (ru) wrote: Star studded cast gather to deliver the ashes of their dead buddy, taking a trip down memory lane. Great acting all around.

James W (ca) wrote: Excellent avant-garde film.

Sam O (br) wrote: A British classic - no pig!

Simon T (kr) wrote: Peculiar and (now) very un-PC thriller, well-acted but stagily directed. It's also very very slow: the denouement takes forever to arrive. Great Bernard Herrmann score, lifted by Quentin Tarantino for his Kill Bill. Hitchcock would have done it better.

Colin S (it) wrote: The film that got me into the franchise all those years ago, and I found it enchanting even though it was confusing to my young mind at the time. Who was this guy who made plastic surgery look like he was merely getting a haircut? How could he become a ninja on what seemed like an intensive weekend course? Why did he have a really elaborate fake wedding (which possibly was a really valid one because Hell I didn't know what a traditional Japanese marriage ceremony consisted of)? How is it that a school of piranha blow bubbles when they're travelling? Regardless, this guy was smooth as silk, handled a weapon with immense skill, and had a damn evil looking antagonist, and to top it all off, flew a mini-helicopter like a boss. I was hooked for life.

Sean G (fr) wrote: Flawed but fascinating and ambitious film based on Raymond Chandler's book of the same name. Director Robert Montgomery plays private dick Philip Marlowe mostly from behind the camera, making an interesting choice to film from Marlowe's perspective. His goal being to save money and to create something original. Whether he stumbled upon originality because of budgetary limitations is up for debate. Its charm is aided by some acting that is at once awful but also perfect for its purpose. A great piece of movie history.

Akhil V (gb) wrote: out of 1:34 hrs of movie, only 5 five minutes of planning and 5 min of bad execution of plan. story was slacky and no point of interesting part in the movie. the 2 leads were good at their part but that didnt help in betterment of movie. female lead(jordana brewster) hadno scope in this movie.

Ivan M (de) wrote: when we say create something different, unique and entertaining and then you make us Hannibal Rising, you are right there in our minds.

Adam A (kr) wrote: "Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil" has a really clever twist and brings you well-excuted storytelling with some hearthwarmingly fun acting!