Coming Home

Coming Home

The wife of a Marine serving in Vietnam, Sally Hyde (Jane Fonda) decides to volunteer at a local veterans hospital to occupy her time. There she meets Luke Martin (Jon Voight), a frustrated wheelchair-bound vet who has become disillusioned with the war. Sally and Luke develop a friendship that soon turns into a romance, but when her husband, Bob (Bruce Dern), returns unexpectedly, she must decide between staying with him and pursuing her new love.

The film is based on a novel. It is about a young woman- Sally whose husband fights for war in Viet Nam is a volunteer at local veteran's hospital. She meets Luke Martin who is paralyzed and their romance blossom. In no time, They must confront a serious problem when her husband comes back home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian H (us) wrote: An attempt at humor that has you laughing a couple times but leaves you flat the rest.

Sam B (ag) wrote: To say this film is bad would be an understatement. The "jokes" are that bad and immature they make you feel uncomftable and the story looks like it's came out of a child's English class. All in all keith lemon is a terrible film

Luis L (kr) wrote: i don't like his performance, he has the same face all the entire movie...

Andy C (fr) wrote: A harmless, somewhat overlong, comedy that has good dance scenes and a couple funny supporting characters. A letdown considering the title.

Shaday A (mx) wrote: Great trip into the story and the writer at different levels.

Zahir R (es) wrote: Came out 26 years ago yet still scarily relevant today

Milhouse V (ag) wrote: [b]Space Mutiny[/b] is a delightfully bad MST3K'd film that would be equally entertaining if it didn't have the running commentary. It's featured in the Volume 4 DVD release, which I finally finished, and three out of the four episodes are excellent, so I recommend it. [b]Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 3[/b] is just as good as the first two. Sure, the episodes have a bit of a pattern (Larry gets uptight about some little thing; a bunch of plot threads come together at the end) and I had the misfortune of knowing some of the best bits beforehand, but it's still hilarious. The ending of the season finale is one of the most surreal things I've watched on TV in my life. [b]Mean Creek [/b]is an interesting moral examination of a prank gone wrong. Unfortunately, it's not that dramatically compelling. It's characters are interesting (the way they handled the bully was very well done) but like I said... just interesting. The ending fails, too, in focusing on the wrong person, and teaches us nothing. [okay, so that was a pretty vague review but I prefer not to give anything away] [b]The Silence of the Lambs[/b] lives up to the hype. The film scores major points for its atmosphere, cinematography, and the strong performances of Hopkins and Foster. Yes, Hannibal Lecter is the great villain he's been pumped up to be. It's a creepy movie, not the sort of thing you want to watch in an empty home late at night. Deleted scenes show that the filmmakers cut away a lot of the typical thriller plot lines, such as the "you're off the case!" one, which really helps. Interesting note: one of the documentaries suggests that Johnathan Demme chose to direct Philadelphia after Silence of the Lambs in reaction to the backlash the movie took from the gay community. A friend of mine who's taken a gay and lesbian history class said that the professor didn't like Philadelphia (I've never seen it, incidentally)because the gay character had to rely on the straight lawyer to gain his dignity. Sometimes you just can't win. [b]Battle Royale[/b] is disappointing, and not due to its hype. Perhaps I was trying to relate it to American culture too much, but it's a movie of missed potential all around. The satirical possibilites are there but wasted. There's a suggestion in the beginning that the program is a media sensation but it's NEVER BROUGHT UP AGAIN. The reason given for the program is that children don't respect adults, which seems like some child wish-fullfilment "oh my God they really do hate us" fantasy instead of a cultural comment. Seeing as how the children are in 7th grade (or was it 9th?) it makes sense that their last words would be about secret crushes, but it gets old around the fifth time that somebody expresses unrequited puppy love. One of the students voluntarily signed up. His character isn't explored at all. The sheer number of students makes it impossible for us to identify with all but a few of them, and even then the moral/Darwinian examination of what people would do in that situation isn't given the attention it needs. Oh, and the ending has no discernable meaning. To make matters worse, the action isn't that great. Redeeming features: Kitano's performance (almost a moot point because his character falls apart at the end), the concept, and the fact that having seen it gives me street cred. ------------- Job update: Not going too well. I applied to Borders; they haven't contacted me. I applied to American Eagle; they don't need work until the back-to-school season starts. And even then I'm not a guaranteed in. Looks like I might have to suck up my pride and resort to the dreaded food service.

Brian S (gb) wrote: I had heard this was a very good play, but I was unaware it was a movie until recently. Dreyfuss gives both a charmingly hilarious and emotionally heart-wrenching performance as a quadriplegic sculptor who's lost the will to live. extremely thought-provoking as you find yourself never definitively taking a side all the way to the perfectly apropos ending. a film that really slides under the radar, but it's really quite amazing.

Miguel G (kr) wrote: Encontrarse con personajes tan complejos en una pelcula que parece que no va a ningn lado es refrescante. No el mejor trabajo de Buuel pero sin duda lo suficientemente bueno como para recomendarla.

Josh S (fr) wrote: People don't know good movies.