Satish wants his only son, Chander, to be physically fit and join the army. While Satish is protecting the life of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, he is killed by three men; his wife goes insane, and his son is orphaned. Now Chander has grown up and has joined the army as a Commando. The Commander of his company, Mirza is corrupt and is protecting the interests of international criminal don, Marcelloni, by stealing arms and ammunitions. Chander attempts to bring this to the attention of the owner of the arms depot, Kailashpuri Malhotra, who disbelieves him. But Mr. Malhotra's daughter, Asha believes him, as well as loves him, and she along with Jhum Jhum, and Dilher Singh try to expose what's going on. Chander also finds out that the three men who killed his dad also belong to this gang, but then Marcelloni abducts Asha, and uses Chander as a pawn to get what he wants - spread nationwide terror.

'American Ninja' meets 'Where Eagles Dare' in a Bollywood curry. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Commando torrent reviews

Kathleen B (us) wrote: one of the worst movies I have seen this year, how could a family- get-together comedy be so bad! not funny, no relate-able characters. Just generally bad.

Mark B (jp) wrote: Drink a couple beers first.

Daniel M (es) wrote: Black humor is refreshing coming from two murderous living puppets, even when the scares and fun are scarce.

Suannah F (jp) wrote: It lacked ease of narrative and I could neither sympathise nor relate to either of the main characters. The child actors were of course awful. The colour tinted shots were more than clich-d. Still, it was enjoyable enough and there were some great knits!

Joseph N (kr) wrote: An honest recommendation. . . from a white guy.

Mohammed A (us) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Nick A (ag) wrote: While it's got good intentions and some decent performances, Romero is just too poorly produced and edited to carry any kind of emotional or political weight.

Kim M (ag) wrote: Feels old, stuffy, lachrymose, and at times laughable. But I watched this movie to the end. And - I should be honest - I quite enjoyed it.

Rafael F (au) wrote: Tubaro encontra A Hora do Pesadelo

Robert H (ru) wrote: A slow subtle horror film that preys on the fascination with voodoo that was going around in the 40s. Lighting is key in this film as it is the shadows and the lack of shadow that creates the mood and framework around this character study of complex human relationships. Multiple stories play out in this film with all being possible but not a single one being concluded.In the end, it's love and the lack of love, much like the light and dark of the film, that moves this picture forward im terms of story.Not really a film for those that enjoy lots of scares, violence, action or gore. It has practically none of the above. But it makes up for it in atmosphere which when used correctly, is a much more powerful force.