A documentary on the Black Bear Ranch Commune, an alternative living community founded in 1968 in the remote North Californian wilderness.

A documentary on the Black Bear Ranch Commune, an alternative living community founded in 1968 in the remote North Californian wilderness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt K (ru) wrote: Successfully earns it's "poopariffic" status. This is a dull film that is semi-hilariously punctuated by people being shot. That idea is kinda funny, but after like 3 times it gets really repetitive. Also Richard Pryor and Rob Reiner cameos for no reason.

Sarah E (ru) wrote: Alien Trespass is both a failed parody and a failed homage, but that isn't to say it's a a total waste of time. There's some moments that are just hilarious, especially where the Red Scare is involved, and the optional intro starring Eric McCormack and R.W. Goodwin provides an interesting - if entirely fictional - context. Nevertheless, what little comedy this movies provides is from the moments of genuine parody, and those moments are few and far between. So much of this film is dedicated to paying homage to 50s sci-fi, but it does it so literally that the film can't help but stray into parody territory, and the unintentional parody falls flatter than 180 degrees. The filmmakers really needed to make up their minds and choose one or the other. If they wanted to pay homage to the genre, they should have forgotten the CGI and dropped a lot of the contemporary innuendos; if they wanted to make a parody, they should have gone for broke and made this movie as funny as it could have been.

Brian R (nl) wrote: Redbelt is a good martial arts movie but I was disappointed with the payoff scene and thought it would be something more deep but turned out the opposite. The movie Mamet made played safe and no risks. I really admired David Mamet's cast particularly Chiwetel Ejifor and Tim Allen in a good serious role. I watched the special features and many of the consultants who helped in making this film believed mix martial arts will be the greatest sport in the world. I am not a fan of UFC or any other mix martial arts league so I really don't believe so.

familiar s (de) wrote: Have quite a bit to rant about this nightmare. "May" do it later; if at all I'll ever have ample of time at my disposal. For not, just suffice by knowing that it was deeper (in disappointing) than a mere letdown.

Ryan P (fr) wrote: This is a B-movie at its finest...but that doesn't mean it's bad. Watching this movie was a reluctant, lonely Friday night decision that I don't regret. Crappy direction, crappy acting, and crappy production don't take away what's really important here: Entertainment. I was entertained for all 72 minutes.

John C (es) wrote: A Slipping Down Life is an overly long, dull film staring Guy Pierce and Lili Taylor. Taylor's character is ridiculous and annoying. Come to think of it, everyone in this film is completly boring and annoying. A boring film beyond belief.

Lyndsey B (au) wrote: Id love this on DVD but can't find it anywhere :( I loved it.

Brian P (kr) wrote: didnt like this one.........

Jared F (fr) wrote: confusing, clumsy & relatively predictable.

Joel H (es) wrote: Explorers was a fun movie to watch when I was young, and it's still entertaining to watch as an adult. I mean, what young boy didn't dream about accidentally creating a spaceship with his friends? Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix hit the ground running in their acting careers, and the special effects still hold up pretty well. It's a little slow in the beginning and the ending feels rushed, but I'm excited to share this movie with my kids.

Daryl K (es) wrote: A better-than-average, dumb '90s action flick. Some social satire, and the fact that 'Demolition Man' never takes itself too seriously, allows one to check their brain and have fun with it. Snipes makes for an energetic bad guy here, and Stallone pulls off a mostly successful action role for himself outside of Rocky or Rambo.

Lester G (de) wrote: I had a blast being in this Movie and playing a Stacy Keach double.

Frank D (nl) wrote: cliche sports film that you cant help but cheer to