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Companions of the Night


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Alec B (fr) wrote: Brian De Palma is refreshingly frank here, completely unafraid to speak his mind on his career and those he's worked with. The result is a documentary that never feels like a puff piece.

Marcus T (gb) wrote: Not as good as the first Rampage but a good follow up to the original. More about politics and corruption that out and violence. Well worth the watch especially if you liked the first film.

familiar s (fr) wrote: The Last Leaf has been monstrously degraded. Some complain about its abrupt ending (instead of the whole movie), but, while I did find it abrupt, I was rather glad that the suffering is over. I just kept looking forward to, and it just kept disappointing me. Being generous (as usual), I'd give it 0/5.

Florent T (ag) wrote: Aussitot vu aussitot oublie...

Emma W (ag) wrote: Ahhh I fucking LOVED this movie. AND the book!

Liam M (de) wrote: This film is fantastic, one of my favourite Al Pacino performances. It's not your conventional gangster film, following those at the top of the mobster hierarchy, rather focusing on lowly Lefty (Pacino) as he takes it upon himself to show Brasco (Depp) the ropes, unbeknownst of his angle as an undercover police officer. It's this change of focus that makes this movie so good. 5 stars, Fuhget about it!

Keith B (de) wrote: I know it's a bit of cheese, but I still like it :)

Brett B (de) wrote: Solid King flick, bits of creepy wrapped in a tragic story. Church and Jud lead the way in this one.

Dave H (nl) wrote: One of those stoic "man's gotta do" ensemble pics that director Sturges (Magnificent Seven, Great Escape) was best known for. Yes, the star wattage is high, but this is terribly boring and slow paced in places - really showing its age. Perhaps 69 audiences salivated over the interminable NASA pre-flight and button pushing scenes, but geez... And...after an hour of very little happening, when things start to heat up...just when the film reaches climax, it ends abruptly. Still worthwhile - at times - to see the melodramatic turns from Peck, Hackman et al. And it's a cultural curiosity in light of the Apollo 13 disaster it predicted, and predated, by a year. Speaking of which, Richie Cunningham's version of an ill-fated nasa mission is MUCH better than getting marooned here.

Thomas B (kr) wrote: Audrey Hepburn is charming as ever and there are a slew of iconic scenes and a bunch of great songs which make this movie great. Full review later.