Mallik is a henchman of Aslam Bhai, a Mumbai underworld kingpin. He inducts local hothead Chandu into the gang, and the two of them soon form a formidable faction within the gang, eventually displacing Aslam. As the empire grows, however, the two of them start drifting apart.

A slumdog named Chandu teams up with Malik, a low-level enforcer for a criminal syndicate. Together they eliminate all their enemies, becoming the most feared gangsters in Mumbai before jealousy and anger turn them against each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard D (jp) wrote: What this film lacks in story structure and pacing, it more than makes up for in its characters. Reminds me of my high school days a bit.An overweight kid becomes friends with a dropout drug user and becomes his drummer.The character I was most surprised by was the father, at first you think he's going to be an 80's villain and constantly rag on whatever the kids are into, but that is not the case. He loves his kids to death no matter how many mistakes they make. He even goes out of his way to help the drug user. Reminds me of my dad actually. It will make you laugh and cry. Either way, you'll fall in love with the fat kid.I only wish the film showed us the actual performance at the end.Some more music would have been nice.Other than that check it out.

Leena L (nl) wrote: Educational on the Civil War of 1918, but... dull. Kind of interesting mix of documentary and drama, would have been much better if it stuck strictly to the documentary part. Location also interesting, build by a rich factory owner in 1880s, sold to the city 1905, opened as a museum in1908 (which I visited in my childhood before it's closure), served as the HQ for the "reds" during civil war 1918 and will be reopened in a couple of years after thorough renovation.

Sheila C (it) wrote: Moving psycho drama that deals with the aftermath of a fatal hit and run accident

Asif K (jp) wrote: An interesting take on Shakespeare's 'Othello'. Great cast! Interesting story plots. some great shots and direction along with solid acting and a few plot changes (some for the better) make this an elite take on Othelo. Strongly cast, and with a powerhouse perf by Saif Ali Khan in the Iago role, pic puts Bhardwaj in the top ranks of serious Mumbai-based helmers. mindblowing movie. loved it. outstanding.

Christian M (nl) wrote: Liked the concept and thought that the performances were decent but overall I found it to be more dull than suspenseful.

Jacky L (jp) wrote: this could be the earliest atom egoyan flick to date and it initially felt a lil rough around the edges; took some ruminating to appreciate and like it more after. interesting way of constructing the disintegration of this couple's relationship during a sorta work trip. the ending was kinda poignant, sad.

Sunil J (ru) wrote: This is a tough one but overall I would say see it. Not for the blah courtroom drama or Daryl Hannah "acting" like a retard again. Watch it for the chemistry between Redford and Winger. Winger is just so likeable.

Rebekah L (ag) wrote: Love this movie! First watched this when I was 10 and have been looking all over for it for years!

Roni M (mx) wrote: Oh my gosh it was AMAAAAAZING! Sooooooo effing hilarious!

Lawrence B (mx) wrote: Gripping psychological thriller from Mark Romanek with a bravura out-of-character performance by Robin Williams as a lonely photo-booth attendant with a dark obsession with the seemingly happy family who frequent his supermarket. Writer-director Romanek cleverly keeps the familiar psycho-stalker material away from cliche and instead weaves a taut, chilling and multi-layered tale boasting a career watermark turn from Williams.

Jens S (es) wrote: Overall really lousy fantasy film with very little redeeming qualities. That's pretty amazing, considering the amount of acting talent coming together here. The uninspired and unoriginal script and the mediocre special effects allow little room for fun to have. It's not even particularly entertaining in a bad way. Just overall disappointing and lame. Only Bridges causes a few laughs.