The picture tells of a mine disaster where German miners rescue French miners from an undergound fire and explosion. The story takes place in the Lorraine/Saar region, along the border between France and Germany.

An old German mine was split in two after the end of WWI because of where the new border was located. In the French part a fire breaks out; the German miners send a
rescue group in| helping their French comrades. Three old German miners| who were not treated friendly at a French inn the night before| start their own private
rescue through an old tunnel that separated the two mines. Will the official rescue party realize there are others left behind in time to save them? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Comradeship torrent reviews

Tatiana C (au) wrote: A very "just ok" film with a handful of nice moments

JACK J (es) wrote: world record movie...nice n super did by kamal...

Brendan N (es) wrote: David Mamet creates films that continue to twist and turn but that's the fun of he's films. Spartan isn't for everyone but I loved the story and the character val Kilmer created. The plot is so intricate and weaving you really don't know where it is heading. Mamet has smart dialogue which to most people will come across corny to the unknown of he's work. You never really know what the case is for the best part of the film. The idea of a character questioning orders for the first time is nothing new but Kilmer has a character so bent on the truth he uncovers something much deeper. These type of films reward the viewer with a story and character creation. The depth may throw a lot of people away but if you stick with the film it's rewarding. The ending is just amazing

Jeff J (ca) wrote: Deep, intriguing, well written story. The music is not bad too.

Joby D (us) wrote: This movie bored me.

Allix D (kr) wrote: Very good film which looks at the harsh reality of several prisoners on leave from Turkey and the problems they face from readjusting to society.

Tobias L (gb) wrote: Mitt hjrtas frlorade slag var bra om n lite verskattad. Detta original r faktiskt bttre. John Sirico som spelar Paulie i Sopranos har en biroll.

Ashley H (nl) wrote: This film is lot of fun. Fess Parker plays Davy, and Buddy Ebsen plays George Russell, his friend and traveling partner. They run afoul of Mike Fink and his crew; Mike is played by wonderful and boastful Jeff York. Geogre mistakenly bets all their winter's fur i nventory that Davy and he can beat Mike to New Orleans. Mike tries all kinds of devious and underhanded way to win, but in the end, Davy manages to beat him. Mike is contrite, and he and Davy become friends. In second part, Mike and Davy take on river pirates (from the title), who've been psong as hostile indians and killing settles coming downstream. Of course, they win. Don't miss this movie; kids will love it. It's fast paced, and filleed with lots of stunts and explosins.

Bryan D (gb) wrote: One of my all time favourite films. I has a lot of nostalgia with me. I can remember being very young and seeing it on television with my dad. It took me many, many years after that to finally locate a copy on DVD. If you like Tim Conway and Don Knotts then I believe this to be a classic that should not be missed.

Gary L (gb) wrote: Was good - seen worst animated movies

David D (it) wrote: With an okay idea, a slow story, an alright script and fine dialogue written by Brandon Camp and Mike Thompson, great performances by Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston and also includes Dan Fogler and Judy Greer, okay directing by Brandon Camp and a boring pace and flow, Love Happens is a romantic drama that tries to be a good film but wastes it's potential by being too slow.