Conan the Barbarian

Conan the Barbarian

A film adaptation of the classic sword and sorcery hero, Conan the Barbarian. A horde of rampaging warriors massacre the parents of young Conan and enslave the young child for years on The Wheel of Pain. As the sole survivor of the childhood massacre, Conan is released from slavery and taught the ancient arts of fighting. Transforming himself into a killing machine, Conan travels into the wilderness to seek vengeance on Thulsa Doom, the man responsible for killing his family. In the wilderness, Conan takes up with the thieves Valeria and Subotai. The group comes upon King Osric, who wants the trio of warriors to help rescue his daughter who has joined Doom in the hills.

A barbarian trained in the arts of war joins with thieves in a quest to solve the riddle of steel and find the sorcerer responsible for the genocide of his people. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Donovan F (kr) wrote: hated it!I could have been playing fallout nv instead...if i wouldve knowm it was about a mass suicide cult i wouldnt have watched it

Lau K (br) wrote: Flawed in editing but it is fine in general.

Matias P (ca) wrote: Important Thai historic events made to film. Even though it has very Hollywod inspired action at times it still ends up pretty interesting and original.

Adil S (us) wrote: OK and good movie from 1994, and it came after the breakthrough of Shahrukh Khan. It was good when it came, but today, you?ll find various script faults. The climax was good executed

Christopher S (us) wrote: An earnest attempt at a Scorsese-esque New York street drama, but one I just couldn't connect with. Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts are both fine actors, but their characters here are so shrill and obnoxious they border on caricature. Not a terrible film, technically, but this fatal flaw makes the film as a whole uninvolving and often annoying more than anything.

Joshua E (de) wrote: A masterpiece. Not only my favorite comedy of all time, but one of my top 10 favorite films EVER. Everyone should see it. EVERYONE.

Daniel P (fr) wrote: Don't let the low budget scare you, this is a worthy vampire flick with a twist.

Lee M (au) wrote: Tales of Beatrix Potter is one of British cinema's true one-offs, a film quite unlike any other. Ostensibly aimed at children, this adaptation of Potter's various animal-centric stories was mounted by the Royal Ballet. Kids though will have to read up on the "Complete Tales" or they will have trouble figuring out what's going on.

Merlin C (ru) wrote: "Lo riconoscerai, somiglia a quel tizio che fa del cinema, come si chiama? Ah, si...Ralph Bellamy"

Comic G (es) wrote: ?The Lord Of The Rings: Two Towers is hoisted into prosperity and glory by the tailored hands of Peter Jackson; who oh soo diligently emend's his error's and inaccuracies regrettably made in the fellowship of the Ring. The preeminent science fiction film made it's debut on December 18th, 2002 and continued to be a close contender with Minority Report, along with Men in Black. The ensemble reunites once more with Viggo Mortensen; Orlando Bloom; John Rhys-davies; MckeMcKellen; Elijah Wood; Sean Astin; mordorBilly Boyd; and Dominic Monaghan who are left in the fate of Frodo Baggins vigilance throuMordor.Two Towers Progresses the already established narrative of Frodo and Sam venturing on their perilous expedition to Mt.Doom to destroy and forsaken the Ring. Along with their journey, their are two other expeditions that are explored; fangornAragorn, Gimli, and Legolas scouring through the forFangorn in search for the orcs who have captured Pippin and Mary, as well as Mary and Pippin acquainting themselves with Treebeard; a fellow ent. For all that enchanting is not only seen throughout the main characters; but also visited within the supporting characters. Gollum, the race of the ents, and the kingdom of Rohan are testaments of Jackson's solicitude for Tolkien's masterful Folklore.Where fellowship summons Emotional storytelling; Two Towers summons War, violence, and action to entice it's audience. Battling is a predominant aspect of science fiction, it's a facet where directors can really demonstrate their prowess through the staggering size and scopes of mise-en-scenes--which is the arrangement of everything that appears in the framing: actors, lighting, decor, props, scenery, and costumes. Jackson is no neophyte; furthermore, he makes no mistake of having incontestable fidelity for Tolkien's most paramount chapters. From Helm's deep to The Road to Isengard these are the sequences that undoubtedly pass the brink of being visually sensual.In conclusion, Two Towers is an exemplary film with few rough edges from absent chapters; but this sequel still triumphs in a demonstration of Jackson's plenary indulgence within Tolkien's mythology.