After a blow to the head, Abby decides she can't do it anymore. Her life just can't be only about the house, the kids and the wife. She needs more: she needs to be Eleanor.

After a blow to the head, Abby decides she can't do it anymore. Her life just can't be only about the house, the kids and the wife. She needs more: she needs to be Eleanor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Concussion torrent reviews

Aaron B (fr) wrote: Brilliant look at every aspect of making the films. A Friday lover's dream!

Edmund C (mx) wrote: not bad! Perhaps we should go on strike in Malaysia too.. and see if the 'majority' is a majority anymore..

Sarfara A (us) wrote: Great comedy filled action film, good story film. Loved it all throughout really!

Zarinah H (kr) wrote: The acclaimed director Akira Kurosawa wrote the screenplay for this lyrical portrayal of the lives of prostitutes in 19th century Edo Japan. Too bad he died before making the movie, leaving it to be made by Kei Kumai. And it shows, for the results are somewhat milder.The story follows the trials and tribulations of two village prostitutes who ply their trade in a brothel by the sea, O-shin and Kikuno. O-shin is the sentimental one, falling in love with her customers even though her trade itself warns against it. One particular young samurai captures her heart and with him, O-shin dares to dream of a different, more respectable life. Yet, tragedy lies ahead.Kikuno, on the other hand, is a born cynic - she has two steady customers who are as different as night and day - the older gentleman being kind and generous, and the gangster-type being a jerk who uses Kikuno for his own gain. Yet despite her own troubles, Kikuno is steadfast and dependable, proving her mettle when she subs for her madam.If you love period movies especially those that focus on other cultures and history, then you'll love this - one truly gains valuable insights into the Japanese culture of the period, and of how women were treated more like commodities, with little worth. Gritty, yet beautiful and powerful.

Trey W (gb) wrote: Oh come on! Who doesn't like this?

jay n (kr) wrote: Great performers Madeline Kahn and Rita Moreno are trapped in this loud vulgar stupid movie based on what must have been a much better stage play. Location filming in Philadelphia is wasted with some terrific shot of the city at the beginning but then the rest is all set in backyards that could be anywhere. A lost opportunity.

Brad G (nl) wrote: "I like being kicked." I hope you feel the same as LQ Jones' murderous bandit, cuz you are in for some serious punishment when you pop in this incredibly brutal (and bloody) Western. Gene Hackman is a wretched monster of a husband who thinks nothing of putting out cigars on prostitutes when he's not raping his wife. Oliver Reed is a villainous gang leader who kidnaps Candice Bergen in order to learn to read and rape her before the rest of his gang has their way with her. Fun times? No. But if you're in the mood for an unforgiving slog through a hateful Western than The Hunting Party fits the bill. Reed and Hackman are great in their perspective scumbag parts, and the unrelenting violence definitely keeps the proceedings from being anything but boring. Definitely not for everybody, but sickos like me will enjoy. Not VF.

Larry H (nl) wrote: Hilarious black comedy about power and getting what you want. Great twist at the end.

Greg W (ag) wrote: this one is only for fans of old school westerns.

Brian R (ca) wrote: While it's not the first James Bond movie, it is the first to use Q's gadgets and the first to show Number 1 (head of Spectre, aka villain with cat). An unforgettable classic.

Charles P (kr) wrote: One of the most crucial and humanist of films.

Tim C (de) wrote: Interesting styling Bad Ending

Timm S (br) wrote: Your Standard Drama Foray With An Added Original Acoustic Guitar Soundtrack. It Has A Bit Of Minor Flame, But The Story & Outcome Is By The Numbers, Going For A Predictable Finish.

Orlando O (jp) wrote: The Young Messiah is finally showing something different in the biblical drama film, this time showing the earlier years of Jesus (Adam Greaves-Neal). There are many films about showing the time of Jesus crucifixion or the post events like Risen. A plot showing a seven year old Jesus, learning on who he is, and what his purpose is. Also, the downside of the film, the direction can be very slow. The acting is on the edge as well, when it comes to these films. It's a story about a boy, trying to self discover himself, as his mother Mary is hesitant on trying to explain to him about his father being god. The direction does get dull at times, and even to the part were you feel like the plot is going nowhere. Only positive about the film is John Debney beautiful music score that he creates for the film.

Jake A (us) wrote: With a solid cast, a really good premise, plenty of themes that resonate really well, several well filmed and tense scenes coupled with an okay score this good while it lasts film that could've been so much more had the script had more depth and tackled the themes it touches upon in a more meaningful way.