Comic artist and writer Woody performs a simple courier operation for his friend Harry who works for the CIA. But when he successfully fends off hostile agents, he earns the respect of the beautiful Natalia, who requests his assistance for her defection. Woody uses this request as leverage to use the CIA's resources to bring his comic book creation, Condorman, to life to battle the evil Krokov.

The movie centers on cartoonist Woody who acts as a CIA courier as he becomes his comic-strip hero, Condorman. Using his gadgets, Condorman helps a Soviet spy defect to the West. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kekoa B (ag) wrote: Albanian.. Blood Fueds... are insane.. their are so many people suffering in Albania because of this idealogy.. some imprison themselves within their own homes.. and are afraid to come out.. very sad.

Gimly M (gb) wrote: Much better effects than the average SyFy faire. James Marsters performs well considering, and the Western/Sci-Fi blend pays off. But it's still a TV Movie and it's a pretty silly one at that.

Khaldoun Q (ca) wrote: I don't know why the name of the movie is Miral!! they should name it "Hind".. Also it's weird that they brought an Indian actress to play Palestinian! Her performance and how she speaks Arabic was really bad for this role...

Alaura M (br) wrote: Really cute. Good story. Funny. I never relalized how hot Elizabeth Reaser is =)

John B (nl) wrote: Rob zombie cannot do better than this, what a piece of crap, thank redbox for allowing me to only invest a dollar to see this, the house of movies were garbage to, horrible acting and even worse music, Rob you were cool on headbangers ball with your art, but I hated white zombie and hated even more your rob zombie band, why does the movie and music industry allow garbage like this, you suck

Jeremy S (it) wrote: the filming was beautiful and the idea was great.

Adrienne L (mx) wrote: Its a shame movies like this never find an audience. I thought 'Picture Claire' was very entertaining. Juliette has finally been given a part to sink her teeth into. She's wonderful in the lead. The rest of the cast were good as well. Some truly funny moments. I just wish she had of kept the dog.

Ryan V (mx) wrote: Van Damme vs. Lance Henriksen, with lots of explosions, and directed by John Woo. It's a decent time.

Shawn R (br) wrote: Typical Corman movie, that is just a fun watch.

Edwyn S (fr) wrote: Who was the "other" girl in this flic ? She played the sister of the fat guy ?

Ric L (ca) wrote: seen it love it all time classic one of the best

Jason S (mx) wrote: Super awesome just like the book was.