Confession d'un dragueur

Confession d'un dragueur


During the summer, Paul, provincial student, shy and bookish, went to Paris to integrate Sciences-Po, bed on a bench in the Luxembourg Gardens. One afternoon, while the eye follows a young girl he had noticed for several days, he made the acquaintance of Fab, a seducer getter, effective and apparent misogyny, which will teach him the basics drag. Starting first with a documented learning every evening in his diary, Paul soon to be questionable practices to limit crime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David G (it) wrote: OMG. I hate the main character, but I like the view of Kyoto, and the movie as a whole is quite funny.

J K (nl) wrote: Of all the places for a woman to have teeth this is easily the least popular. At least to men with penises. I found this movie funny yet cringeworthy.

Jaxson S (ag) wrote: Thought provoking and surprisingly accessible, except for the 3 hour length (which, I admit, was maybe justifiable.)

Marie Y (de) wrote: This one gets a high rating from me almost solely because I have a soft spot for it. I love Lucy Kelson and George Wade and how they're pretty much polar opposites that somehow mesh together perfectly. I've watched it countless times, and it seriously never gets old.

Chris B (ca) wrote: Not as good as the first one but still a really enjoyable film. It goes through the motions of the first Harry Potter while introducing us to some new characters that I am sure will be big in the future.

Andrew I (jp) wrote: Very long and rather miserable, this may not be the most exciting film you ever saw. On the other hand, it is quite quirky, imaginative, never boring, very French and just plain odd. The lead actor wasn't wildly dynamic and maybe the editor could've had the scissors out a little more often as certain scenes are quite tiresome, but certain bits were rather suspenseful and powerful, even occasionally funny. 6.5/10

Jorge S (gb) wrote: Another good movie from Fellini. It doesnt make sense too much feminism, just like macho only point of views. Agian and again and again balance is the key and again.

Lee Anne W (nl) wrote: Depressing little slice of late-seventies L.A. life for four teenage girls. Jodie Foster does the best acting of career, pretending Angel is a band that is a) good and b) worth seeing in concert. Scott Baio is really cute. Marilyn Kagan is right in style, with her giant glasses. Worth watching.

Byron B (de) wrote: want to see this because it won best foreign film with the NBR and was nominated for best foreign film at the golden globes

Joel A (br) wrote: A fantastic 'golden oldie' this was, I was recommended this film from one of my friend's grandmother and it was well worth the watch. There is a real strong theme through the film of compassion. love and tolerance & although it was 2nd to the typical Hollywood love was still there. There is a beautiful scene between Spency Tracy & Jeanette McDonald in the church when they are discussing the heart of Clark Gable's charatcer. It is a very sweet, beautiful moment in the film. Also to commended in this film was the staging of the Earthquake sequence in the final moments of the film, it was incredibly done, visual effects are sensational...however the final sequence in the closing minutes of the film was a little rushed, but all in all a true classic, a must see film of the mid 30's...

Joseph F (ag) wrote: The movie has visceral power, but fails to capture the complexity of the characters in the book. The set-up and payoff have less resonance than they should have.

Chris J (ca) wrote: I don't even know what I saw. Roddy Piper. Frog people with Puppet Heads. Mayhem?

Agus B (ca) wrote: brad bird,director of ratatouille and the incredibles,battery is placed in this film,really good movie,excellent.

Matt D (au) wrote: What this quasi-sequel to 'A Fistful of Dollars' lacks in relative excitement to the first film, it more than makes up for in production value with a budget that I'm sure had a....few dollars more???Kill me.