Confessions of a Call Girl

Confessions of a Call Girl

A call girl marries a politician only to have her secret life cause complications.

A call girl marries a politician only to have her secret life cause complications. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zeke T (ca) wrote: I am shocked critics liked this more than audiences honestly. What a piece of crap. I expected a piece of crap, but man this was impressively awful. Whoever wrote needs to become illiterate

David A (jp) wrote: It's amazing how a movie with one actor onscreen in a tiny set can provide such a compelling story. Really excellent work from Tom Hardy here. The film makes you think of your own decisions, the roots of those choices and how their consequences are rarely how we envision.

Jared F (ca) wrote: A great, well balanced and comprehensive look at the war on drugs.

Tor M (mx) wrote: Watch this movie with an open mind, and afterwords you ask yourself the question: "What is graffiti?". Is it art, freedom of speech, vandalism, a crime, beauty, a scream for attention, stoppable, etc? I think that if you really opened your eyes while watching the movie, your answer certainly ain't ugly, trash or useless.Great documentary with includes various opinions about graffiti. You also see a bit of the background, interviews and opinions from writers all over the world.

Kim K (ru) wrote: Really bad Saw rip bad I couldn't even finish it.

Aaron C (ca) wrote: Delightful lighthearted Brit wit which was played superbly by the dependable cast.

Brian B (ca) wrote: "Saving Private Ryan" is the best WW2 film out there. It starts off with a memorable 25 minute opening sequence which is arguably the best scene in a Spielberg movie. It is highly realistic for its time and it's tense from beginning to end. At the end of the sequence, it shows you a dead soldier from the "Ryan" family. Later we find out that 3 of the 4 members of his family died and Capt. John Miller (Tom Hanks) and a group of 7 soldiers are sent to bring the remaining brother back to his family before he dies as well. With an unforgettable story, the plot is quite moving even just thinking about it. The movie was also expertly shot and acted. Every action scene is realistic as it is bloody. After soldiers are killed off, it makes the soldiers question if the mission is worth it and it often creates conflict with them. The final battle has a big buildup and carries on for just the right length.The ending is tragic and it gets me every time but its emotional resonance sticks with the viewer after watching it. This is one of the best films of the 90's due to its impact on the viewer.

Abel D (ru) wrote: A quirky & curious affair with usually straight-laced veteran Alan Parker at the helm. 'Wellville' boasts a scene chewing Hopkins as Dr Kellogg, a playful contrast of period class and lowbrow gags, and a zany score by Rachel Portman. However, the film's endgoal is not quite clear; is it health satire, a personal story of human nature, or just a wacky romp?

Jason J (gb) wrote: Outstanding Korean crime thriller. Borrowing elements from Se7en and Silence Of The Lambs, a particularly nasty killer Shin Hyun is slaughtering pregnant women. The first killing with the dead baby will really shock viewers. When Shin Hyun gives himself up to the police and is sent to jail for execution, the killings continue. The police seek Shin Hyun's help in catching the copycat killer. What follows is a mental cat and mouse game between Shin Hyun and the police as they struggle to apprehend the suspect and more bodies start to appear. I really liked this movie - it's gripping, mysterious and tense and it keeps your interest as the story unfolds. Halfway through the movie you should have a good idea who the killerr is and it wasn't such a surprise when the revelation was eventually revealed. Worth checking out.

Hatem A (de) wrote: 4.0/4.0"Radio Days" is a beautiful, nostalgic piece of work by writer-director Woody Allen that is still original by today's standards and remains one of Allen's best works. The main protagonist here is radio and even for viewers (like myself) who weren't alive during the pre-TV days, you will feel like you want to go back to those days. The movie is narrated by Allen (who doesn't appear) as Joe, a Jewish American who explains how his childhood in 1930s Rockaway Beach, Queens centered on radio. The young Joe is played by Seth Green with the movie mixing memories of his childhood and family (linked to radio) with some urban legends of radio stars. There is no real plot here; the movie is a series of vignettes about radio. The urban legends are very interesting and probably more intriguing than the bits involving Joe (that are nonetheless very good) but that doesn't matter much. The movie grabs your attention from the first scene (where house burglars answer a phone while stealing and win big on a radio trivia show) and doesn't let go. The central character in the radio realm that the story constantly gravitates towards is Sally White (Mia Farrow) who we follow from her days as a cigarette girl to her rise to an A-list radio star. In the bits involving Joe, a key character is played by another Allen regular Dianne Wiest as his aunt Bea who is on a quest to find Mr. Right. There is also a very interesting contrast between life in Rockaway Beach (where Joe's family get together around the radio, despite their differences, and live some fantasies) and the glitz and glamour of Manhattan (the setting for the urban legends). "Radio Days" will stay with you long after you have seen and makes one reminisce of times that are long before most of us today came into existence when life and its pleasures were far simpler. It is such a feel-good movie. Nominated for 2 Oscars: Art Direction, Original Screenplay.

John B (nl) wrote: It is a broad definition of the West as it includes quite a long period in Ohio but it is a good epic. The imagery is vivid and the acting memorable. Perhaps not for the First Nations but America was far from sympathetic in that era.

Scott C (au) wrote: Can't remember this too well, but definitely liked it.

David L (kr) wrote: Being John Malkovich is such a bad movie. It has solid acting and some interesting scenes in the beginning, but the story is original in a bad way as it is so annoying and pointless, the characters are all either annoying or distinctly unlikable and the film is just weird for the sake of being weird. It is a boring, ridiculous and very frustrating movie that annoyed me so much.

Randy Y (ca) wrote: A riveting phenomena, and that is enough to keep staring at the screen wondering, 'wow'... these guys don't seem bizarre- is there something to this(?)... but as a documentary, it is quite flat and does not build to anything significant. Also likely hurt in that it focused on the moderate Bronies- this may have made it easier for audience to relate, but it may have been more interesting with the fanatics.

Lee C (nl) wrote: Another good ip man film but not as good as the first. Some good martial art training and philosophy but just a bit jaded at times with the story.

Sudakshina B (jp) wrote: A slick and smart movie about how phoney the construct of money markets is and how busts can cause naive people to be their most desperate selves. It's also about how digital television production works and how very small the world has truly become because of digital and social media technologies. Bravo Jodie Foster for making this movie that was performed admirably by George Clooney and Julia Roberts.