Confessions of an Opium Eater

Confessions of an Opium Eater

Vincent Price stars in this early '60s adaptation of Thomas De Quincey's thriller about an opium addict trying to solve a mystery in San Francisco's Chinatown.

Gilbert de Quincey is an early 19th-century adventurer involved with helping runaway slave girls and victims of a tong war in San Francisco. Garbed in black from head to toe, de Quincey ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Confessions of an Opium Eater torrent reviews

Tim U (jp) wrote: does not live up to the names attached to it.

Camille K (jp) wrote: Waouh, j'ai aim (C) un film dramatique franais ! La bande-annonce m'avait donn (C) envie (ah, quand on a grandi dans la vigne, on en sort jamais vraiment), et je n'ai pas (C)t (C) d (C)ue. Le film est trs bon, l'histoire est bien, simple mais dramatique, Niels Arestrup est super, Patrick Chesnais est trs bon, et l'acteur qui joue le "second fils", que je n'avais jamais vu auparavant, aussi. Lorant Deutsch s'am (C)liore au fur et mesure du film. Bon Anne Marivin...enfin, a passe. En tout cas je pense qu'il est voir, encore plus si le domaine du vin vous int (C)resse (parce que quand mme, a pr (C)domine pendant tout le film).

rox f (mx) wrote: i wanna see this movie so bad

Jamie F (nl) wrote: Jared from work recommended it

Michael D (de) wrote: So depressing, it actually makes you feel happier about your life...

Heidi G (nl) wrote: Esta peli nos ensea que no somos perfectos, ni aunque nosotros mismos nos esforcemos por serlo!!!

Brent C (kr) wrote: In my honest opinion, the movie is boring during some parts. Therefore, I did not really enjoy this movie too much unlike its predecessor, Our Lips are Sealed. However, there were some interesting parts such as Mary-Kate & Ashley and their team exploring various London attractions. The soundtrack was a bit obnoxious yet fits the environment for the film. Unfortunately, it is not what I consider the best Mary-Kate and Ashley film. I guess I have a poor knowledge of Model UN, so that is probably why I am not a big fan of this movie.

Alfredo S (kr) wrote: One of those painfully unfunny "kids" movies you can't let your children watch for actually being crudely misguided

m f (nl) wrote: It is difficult to know where to begin since, unlike you, I already know the ending.

Anastasia (it) wrote: Too much music (13) TO OWN

Scott C (us) wrote: Silly, but very memorable, with likeable characters.

Mateo D (it) wrote: Wont go into detail to spoil it but some of it was ridiculous. However great for filmmaking to expose a corrupt system in Brazil