Confidential Report

Confidential Report

An American adventurer investigates the past of mysterious tycoon Arkadin...placing himself in grave danger.

An American adventurer investigates the past of mysterious tycoon Arkadin...placing himself in grave danger. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Confidential Report torrent reviews

Jeremy C (es) wrote: A master class in bad acting.

Gwendoline N (fr) wrote: Tout simplement G-E-N-I-A-L!!!!! A voir!

Lucian M (au) wrote: This was a good movie. I liked the plot and the visual effects.

Grant H (ru) wrote: Great movie. Very funny, with good performances from its cast, but an awesome performance from Marsden. It's tied for his greatest of all time with his performance in Death at a Funeral.

Andres G (ca) wrote: With a style similar to the one by Arriaga and Irritu, Rodrigo Garca pictures a tangled story of women, their daughters and the different roles in an adoption.Really good moments on this movie mixed with others that seem too artifficial or manipulated.

bailey b (gb) wrote: This movie is really good.

Christina H (us) wrote: Watched: 20 Feb 2014

WS W (it) wrote: Generally funny. The recurring scenario, which apparently "inspired" by [Run Lola Run], were too repetitive & overdone however.

Andrew S (br) wrote: An interesting story makes this comedy enjoyable.

Silvia O (us) wrote: Very enjoyable, though people tend to exaggerate a little bit; I wouldn't call it a "masterpiece". Still, each of its 87 minutes are delightful. Julie Andrews and Colin Firth are wonderful (as always), but Sophie Thompson really steals the spotlight. She is just great.

Joe S (us) wrote: I thought this movie was good. Had a fight outside of the ring. It wasn't the best out of all of the movies but I am still gonna give it 5 stars because well... It's Rocky the champ.

Private U (jp) wrote: Could be my favorite foreign director. The best film with an even better ending.

(ru) wrote: Just read in the reviews that this is an adaptation from a book written by a woman. So that explains why all the male characters are such colossal idiots. Theresa, on the other hand, is plain adorable and the beautiful Diane Keaton makes sure of it. Apart from that quite unrealistic contrast, the story of this juggler of a woman is not bad. And those damn daydreams manage to stay on the right side of the line between interesting and annoying.

jay n (gb) wrote: Large scale WWII drama mixes battle sequences with personal stories. Good acting from a large cast.

Andy G (jp) wrote: 3 Geezers is a movie about J.K. Simmons taking a film crew to document what seniors do in old folks home. its ok comedy with special appearance by real actors. C+

Jordon J (es) wrote: This film is terrible on all levels,I HATED IT SKIP IT!!!!!

Gerald N (ru) wrote: as a screwball comedy fan, i really enjoyed this movie. It was funny and inappropriate, everything i wanted to see.

Aaron T (de) wrote: A charming indi-scifi-romance thingy.

Seidel S (us) wrote: Al Pacino portrayal of an eccentric person was realistic, and I was quite amuse as to where his eccentricity will lead the story in the end.

FilmGrinder S (de) wrote: 68% Seen it all before. Felt like a SciFi channel, TV movie with some nudity.