Conquest of Cochise

Conquest of Cochise

A cavalry officer tries to keep a lid on a volatile situation when Indian leader Cochise is being prodded into starting a war.

A cavalry officer tries to keep a lid on a volatile situation when Indian leader Cochise is being prodded into starting a war. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew R (kr) wrote: Terrible accents, awful story, rubbish film

Joe S (nl) wrote: It was decent. Tells the origins of an underachieving kid born to a rich father. Worth a watch if you want a comedy and to see how it all began.

Robert B (es) wrote: Slow & boring. The school's official reaction to the deaths - a happy-clappy group hug; memorial video and drug-searches - seemed believable, but the film then went on to say nothing about them.

Mrs Heather D (mx) wrote: A slow moving story, reflecting the stagnant life of the main character. It Apears to be going somewhere and ends up crawling up its own backside! Strange and sad.

Ian M (kr) wrote: It's a very cute film. I so want a boy like Toby!! Can I have one this Xmas? Please? Pretty please? It is pretty funny in places. It's just a really nice heart-warming film.

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Dominic C (ru) wrote: Muppet Treasure Island was the second time the Muppets adapted a classic story, and in my opinion it's most likely the best of them. The Muppets are all well casted. Fozzie as Squire Trawlaney who believes there's a man in his finger named Mr. Bimbo and Sam as Mr. Arrow are particularly enjoyable. The human actors actually are legitmiately entertaining too especially TIm Curry as Long John Silver. The songs are memorable, and the humor is quite good particuarly from Rizzo and the other rats constantly breaking the fourth wall.("He died and this is supposed to be a kids movie!") However sometimes the Muppets seem lost by Tim Curry and Kevin Bishop who take up most of the story, but to be fair they were the stars of the original story, so it can't be helped. As always if that's my main problem with the movie, I'm quite satisified. Not the best Muppet movie, but a very good movie everyone should love.

Paul D (fr) wrote: Good social realism story, gets beneath the hardships families have to suffer in many aspects of life.

Jeremy P (it) wrote: Rather shocking ending that I'd love to dig into right away but I suppose I shouldn't spoil it... it takes obsession and pleasure to an extreme for sure. The rest is a bit interesting, though I wasn't as into it as others around here. This is a really fucked up movie that I'm not really looking to recommend to anyone, but considering how it started and where it ended up, especially in regards to the lead actress, I have to give it some slight props.

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John H (de) wrote: A pulp anti-commie fantasia that is way way more than that sum of its individual parts due to Fuller's direction and impressive performances by Widmark and Ritter.

Darren R (mx) wrote: Terrible effects, awkward dubbing, uninspired writing and dull action... yet I can't bring myself to hate it. It has a certain campy charm, a fine cast and even a score by John Barry. (A bad Barry score is still better than most composers.) Most disappointing of all, however, is Caroline Munro dubbed by another actress. I might have given it another half or even full star if they used her voice.

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Nader O (jp) wrote: A film I searched for years... and it was worth it.