Consider It All Joy

Consider It All Joy

The story of a woman's struggle to reconcile her tragic circumstances with her faith in God.

The story of a woman's struggle to reconcile her tragic circumstances with her faith in God. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Consider It All Joy torrent reviews

Nadun (ru) wrote: genuine & clean concept rather than any mindless entertainment; resonate with not only the youth but a lot of us who blindly follow religious practices without Logic

Olly H (ag) wrote: toll besetzt, schrg und warm, hat was

Four Star F (es) wrote: I know a pair of twins in it... That would be the only slightly legitimate reason to watch this and that's why I did

Raymond E (ru) wrote: Just shoot me. I am a Star Trek fan. And I have NEVER been SO EMBARRASSED!!! This pile of GARBAGE is why nobody cares about Sea Hunt or Lost in Space. I think William Shatner is trapped in a Time-loop from 1966. Can we just erase this film from cinema history?

Stuart K (fr) wrote: Directed by Nicolas Roeg, this is based on an amazing true story based on a travel memoir by Lucy Irvine, Roeg had two sides of the story to chose from, that of Irvine's and her companion Gerald Kingsland, Roeg went with Irvine's account. It is a bit sensationalist for it's day, but Roeg adds his usual touches of sex and beautiful cinematography. Despite the odd misgiving, it works. Sort of. Gerald Kingsland (Oliver Reed) advertises in Time Out magazine for a female companion to spend a year with him on a desert island. Young typist Lucy Irving (Amanda Donohoe) applies to the position on a whim, and after meeting with Kingsland, he chooses her. Kingsland has selected the island Tuin, between New Guinea and Australia. As the location where they'll be spending a year. They go and set up camp on the island, and try to carry on life there. But, it's clear that paradise is not all it's cracked up to be, and Kingsland succumbs to madness, and it's Irvine who has to pick up the pieces and keep going. It's a naturalistic work, not Roeg's best, and it does drag in places. But Reed and Donohoe give very good performances, it was produced by Cannon Films, and it's amazing the best film they've produced in a sea of stinkers.

Michael L (nl) wrote: Perhaps the least boring 18th century period movie ever.

Private U (de) wrote: L'histoire est interessante, du moins au debut. Mais le film tire petit a petit en longueur du milieu jusqu'a la fin. Et on ne comprend plus rien. Dommage.

Simon T (de) wrote: An odd mixture of semi-documentary studio tour, stiff and whimsical dramatised sequences featuring famous animators like Ward Kimball and voice artists like Clarence 'Donald Duck' Nash, and rather pedestrian animated shorts culminating in the twenty-minute Reluctant Dragon. But it's still of interest for Disney completists and anyone interested in a romanticised look at Disney production from the early forties.

Tyler S (kr) wrote: This is one of the better high school flicks I have seen and it came a little late. Some awesome performances here. I love how the film dissected each character and told their back story which related to the overall film. It's a story of greed and corruption albeit on the high school level. It keeps you interested from the beginning and has some crude humor that will keep you on your toes. The pacing is brilliant and I loved the all around performances.

Christopher K (br) wrote: Mesmerizing, beautiful, thrilling and surprisingly elegant. Martha Marcy May Marlene is the smooth story of a young woman who fights to adjust to the normality of standard living life after fleeing from the clutches of a sexual cult. The Director Sean Durkin did a fantastic job in working with Elizabeth Olsen in portraying the psychological damage and dysfunctional mindset that cults of this nature bring out in people. The catalogue of beautiful scenes that is on offer in this haunting and sophisticated movie is not short in supply. The most gripping, beautiful and seductive scene comes after Martha has been initiated into the cult in the most disturbing fashion. After the initiation of Martha or Marcy has accrued she struggles with her own self confidence and is torn between what is right, what is normal and what is happening. The leader of the cult begins to serenade her in a way that is seductive to her soul and really capture her into the warped sense of being that they believe to be the righteous way of life. This move offers everything you need in a gripping thriller that really plays with your imagination. The continued struggle that Martha faces to bring herself back to reality and fight to control her inner demons offers the audience something to relate to and connect with.The Movie does have a slight anticlimactic feel to it, this could be noted down to its brilliance. The feel of the why Martha decided to flee the cult would have been more dramatic if it was her that performed the act that swayed her outlook upon her new family. I would recommend this movie to anyone who really enjoys the quirky brilliance of the indie movie culture. The weird feel to the film will have to thinking about the direction and script long after the credits roll and you will have been gifted in watching something ground breaking.

Richard R (kr) wrote: "Under the Tuscan Sun" is a chick flick that I like. Diane Lane is great, and the film is full of likeable characters. The real estate agent rules!

Sergiox V (fr) wrote: Solo es un thriller, en ningn momento es terror