Peter McShade is a hitman, whose contract involves killing the major mobster of the Iberian Peninsula, but nothing is what it seems. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al H (fr) wrote: A good documentary that must see.

Christian G (kr) wrote: Muy buena pelcula en verdad, hasta me siento mal por ver Abraham Lincoln cazador de vampiros despus de ver esta cinta.

Erik P (nl) wrote: Yet another example of a screenplay and film revolving around a teen girl that's so far better than Juno one can only hope people at "The Academy" are shooting and burying themselves over not nominating it for Oscars. It's a rare film that it works both as a whole and in pieces, something you can show a chess player or the attention deficit disabled, which you really can't say about otherwise excellent teen girl films like An Education and Fishbowl. It's something rare like Precious. Highly recommend this along with Teeth if you're looking for some crazy/weird teen girl films that are also intelligent (and sexy).

Marlene M (kr) wrote: Gaspar No tries to do a more shocking and ambitious project than Irreversible, but this huge fantasy starts turning from bizarre to revolting. With excellent photography, scenery and visual treats, Enter The Void looses touch with its audience half way through the film. There are interesting concepts such as reincarnation, Buddhism and quirky drugs, but it all becomes too much to take in one film.

Sonya D (br) wrote: This was a pretty ok movie.

Ciptanti P (jp) wrote: It's a cute movie. Aaron Eckhart is obviously cute. But then comes Jennifer Aniston. Boom, bang! It goes terrible :P

Nickolaus P (de) wrote: One of Stephen J Cannell's entries in the horror genre and it is mind blowing. I give it a 4.5 because there are parts they could have worked out better -- but the story is one of those that makes it scary. It is the most original horror film I've seen so far. It was given to me by a promotional company so I had it linked up to my website so I got it free. I want to buy an additional copy of the film so I can provide it as a giveaway item.

Sue B (fr) wrote: I really enjoyed this film. It was quirky, the characters were engaging, and had a satisfying ending.

Scott W (kr) wrote: Genius. If you want to understand a Trekkie you should watch this. I feel at home watching this film.

Rawballs B (gb) wrote: So far to be a SCREAM thing... At least they tried. Good for them...

Logan M (fr) wrote: "Boogie Nights" is a conventional cycle of stardom story told against the backdrop an unlikely industry. It also flaunts a talented cast, and stand out direction from Paul Thomas Anderson.

GeraldAnthony S (kr) wrote: I liked the plot ! Unlike some of the GAY vampire flicks going around this one had good story and not a bad setting ! Some attractive actress and (a lesbian scene) I can see a sequel coming out the strong had backbone ! !

TiiaMaaria P (kr) wrote: WHY is this movie so hard to find? This movie is superb and I absolutely love Alicia Witt here. Very unsettling and realistic storyline, but in a good way.

Bernard B (fr) wrote: The film that gave the beginning of my adolescent crush on Alicia Witt. The movie is quite good also.

Terri H (mx) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Sean C (kr) wrote: I had heard about this movie and how violent it was. Apparently, Indonesia was a hotbed for exploitation films in the 1970s and 1980s. The overdubbed dialogue is hilariously bad and they copy at least 4 or five scenes from the original Terminator movie. So much machine gun fire in this movie. It's pretty awful but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun to watch.

Troy F (it) wrote: I greatly admired how whacky, off the wall, and silly Earth Girls Are Easy is, even if it's strangely absurd. The story may be very predictable, but its events certainly aren't so and there's plenty of fun to be had. The acting is great, especially Goldblum and Carrey and Wayans as extra-terrestrial creatures turned human studs who cause havoc but add some light to Valerie's struggling romance life. Julien Temple certainly had a drugged up sense of visual style with this film with strange angles and lots of vibrant colours and lighting that have a music video flare, and it's a visual look I won't be forgetting so easily. If you're an 80's fan and love the MTV music video look and music scene, this film may have some appeal. Otherwise, the film holds up very badly only because it's a product of a generation long gone. Fans can rest assured nobody would ever remake this, and that's a good thing! For something strange, whacky, unique, and awesomely retro, Earth Girls Are Easy comes recommended!

Brian B (au) wrote: Firstly, this movie is in fact the best Western film ever made. It is amazing but it isn't perfect.After 3 men find out that $200,000 is buried under a gravestone, it leads them to race for it. They encounter many different things along the way including the civil war but eventually, they all meet up by the cemetery which leads to a duel.Most famous trilogies as good as they were, never quite captured the charm of the original. But with Leone's "the man with no name" trilogy, the movies kept on getting better as it continued on.Despite the fact that Clint Eastwood's character is labeled as "The Good", he is not much better than the other 2. It's not quite clear why this movie was titled that but it's open for interpretation.The memorable and haunting score does a great job setting up certain scenes and it feels very "Western" to me too.The characters are introduced excellently as always in the opening. The movie often only shows eye contact and body language to convey their personalities. In fact, not a single word is said in the first 10 minutes.Leone has an environment of "every man for himself" as the characters constantly lie and backstab each other as much as possible.The ending when all 3 characters get in a "Mexican standoff" is one of the tensest scenes in cinema. It slowly builds up by the haunting music and the shots of the 3 men getting slowly closer to their guns ready to draw them at any moment.The only thing that bugged me about this movie is that it took 1 hour and 15 minutes for the film to introduce the inciting incident. So the first act is unnecessarily slow moving but that's the only thing I didn't like about this.This is the best Western out there. It's not perfect but its remarkable shots and filmmaking make it a movie well worth viewing a second time.

Karen H (ca) wrote: 2016-04-03 watched for 2nd time

Narayanan A (nl) wrote: 90% - Tarzan consists of a dark touch to its story but makes it very fun to watch due to its brightly-colored animation and extremely funny dialogues.