Lee Ray Oliver, a death row inmate, is given a second chance at life if he agrees to undergo a new chemical treatment used to modify behavior.

A sociopath on death row is given a chance to live if he agrees to take part in a chemical behavioral modification program. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Becs D (es) wrote: Ok, an easy watching film was required today and that's exactly what this was. Very predictable, the ending is the same as another known film (won't spoil and say which one), it's exactly what you expect to see in this kind of institution

Patt T (mx) wrote: Fell asleep on this movie

Cedric L (br) wrote: Very good and entertaining.

supatra l (mx) wrote: it's a drama but i like it also cause a good actor & actress.

Ben K (gb) wrote: Enjoyed it thoroughly...

Chava M (it) wrote: la chatunga eh la chatunga ahquiza sea que su sangre espaolaaaaa

Simon C (au) wrote: i recommend this, it is pretty well made.

Richard C (au) wrote: I remember searching for sick and controversial movies and this one popped up. I thought I would never be able to see it what with the cheap and tacky cover, but when I finally obtained it, I LOOOOOVED it.Twisted movie, with relentless insanity. Anthony Wong goes bananas and his character I want to marry. Great premise, opening and ending.

Alex r (au) wrote: Awful mess of a horror film, one that had an interesting idea, but is squandered due to poor performances, lack of genuine scares and over the top execution. The thing with this film is that, this film really could have been a disturbing, memorable horror film, one that could have had genuine scares, ands truly frightening scenes. However, everything plays out for laughs, and the somewhat interesting idea just ends up being very stupid. The performances here are horrible, and this is standard low budget trash that never succeeds at being entertaining. Sure, it might entertain a few, but for genre fans looking for great horror, you sure won't find it. Ice Cream Man just lacks in terms of everything that makes horror such a good genre. Clint Howard is a good choice to play the character, but everything else is so underwhelming, and just not satisfying. If the Script would have been thought out more, then maybe this film would have had a chance. As it is, it's a train wreck, one that fails on its interesting premise of a psychotic ice cream vendor who terrorizes kids. This film just doesn't have what it takes to be a fun, entertaining and memorable horror film. Fans of cheesy low budget affairs will probably enjoy it, but for the rest, they may want to skip this one if they're looking for effective terror. Ice Cream Man really could have been a good film, unfortunately took the easy way out, and made everything more ridiculous, thus it lost any chance of being truly terrifying. Don't waste your time with this film; you'll be better off watching something else. Ice Cream Man is yet another genre film that wastes its potential on stupid visuals and over the top acting that it's laughable.

Sabrina S (ca) wrote: Ok, this was a frekin messed up movie, but I liked it. Besides the fact that Alan Rickman was a comlpete mainic, he was really hott in this movie, and he had nice hair. Go Alan!

becky w (mx) wrote: i love this movie, i wish i had it on dvd

Mitch T (fr) wrote: A very thorough and interesting biopic, Ray portrays the legendary musician in a very realistic and surprising way, and Jamie Foxx's performance is completely outstanding.