Control Alt Delete

Control Alt Delete

CONTROL ALT DELETE is a moody romantic comedy exploring fetishism, addiction and love in the information age. As our hero Lewis struggles to integrate his public and private persona's, he realizes he may not be the only one harboring a dirty little secret.

A moody romantic comedy exploring fetishism, addiction and love in the information age. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike M (nl) wrote: I really feel the movie was solid they couldn't confine themselves to tell the story within 2hrs plus but it's still a solid work, it's one of the most solid gangsta movies in a while.

Jeremy C (br) wrote: A fun Disney Channel Origanal Movie. It has a predictable story that we have seen to many times. But it did have good acting and cool special effects and awesome stunts.GRADE:B

Bobby N (nl) wrote: Great sequel. perfect match those 2.

Tom H (ru) wrote: I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie. I thought it was very funny and compelling.

Tim S (au) wrote: Not quite "Black on Broadway" but still funny.

Gary (ru) wrote: Jesse Stone is like Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Not to be messed with!

Minette D (gb) wrote: I like this film. Two can play the game, what is good for one is good for the other. its just about Love, Honesty and Trust.

cory A (fr) wrote: Possibly one of the funniest movies out there

Luigi R (de) wrote: loved it wen i was little

Brian R (ru) wrote: Good film even though I wouldn't watch this picture again.

Frederick v (jp) wrote: Filme estranho sobre os sonhos que uma criana tem enquanto est doente. A trilha sonora (C) p (C)ssima, mas o roteiro (C) bom.

Mickey M (gb) wrote: This is the true story of one of the biggest scandals in the history of Major League Baseball -- the 1919 Black Sox Scandal which helped cement the legend of "Shoeless" Joe Jackson (DB Sweeney) If you ask me, this movie is three balls, no strikes. There are some good, but not great, performances, authentic wardrobes, automobiles and architecture, and some fair ball -- I mean game scenes. John Cusack is one of the best performances. Other actors in the movie performances are pretty good, but their roles are not real big. Not one of the performances were all too memorable. One thing I noticed was that the characters only scratched the surface of the people, and the history is played around with a bit. The famed "Say it ain't so, Joe," scene is depicted, but even the real "Shoeless" Joe himself said it never actually happened. One thing that I was impressed with was the authentic clothing and props. Even the advertisements in the outfield during the games were authentic looking. I felt that many of the cast didn't put forth the best performances that they could have, which may have been caused by the fairly weak script. If you are expecting some good on-field action, you may want to see another movie. It focuses more on the team's relationship as the Black Sox players are apparently throwing the games. You will not hear any modern music in this film, mostly some classic jazz. If you are not into jazz, like me, the soundtrack is pretty forgettable. The movie has some good cinematography. There is also some nice editing in this movie that helps telling the story pretty well. Like other movies I've seen recently, this one is based on a book. And like those other movies, this one doesn't make me want to go to the local library to take it out. One thing this movie lacks is the emotional impact that this movie could have shown with depicting what each of the ball players went through emotionally. Like other scenes, we only see the surface of a few of what some of the players went through. I would probably say that that this would be a fair third or fourth choice the next time you go to your local video rental place.

Darren H (ag) wrote: This obscure movie isn't very good overall, but you definitely won't mind watching it on cable if you have nothing to do. Belushi is hilarious!

Lindsay H (mx) wrote: Ah, childhood memories! I loved this movie when I was a kid. It's entertaining, unique, funny, and memorable.... I wish it were available on DVD so I could find out whether it stands the test of time.

Andy H (mx) wrote: It's on Netflix instant watch... must be awful!!

Shannon S (us) wrote: wonderfully disturbing.

Patricia (ru) wrote: This movie has great music because it is done by Xavier Cugat and his band.

Gregory W (br) wrote: good stuff from Zinnemann

David E (nl) wrote: When it comes to erotic mainstream films that I have seen, they are mostly in the categories of drama & mystery with hints of romance (see "Eyes Wide Shut", "Crash" (the 1996 David Cronenberg film), & "9 1/2 Weeks"). By seeing the trailer for "Basic Instinct", the romance seems lessened with more emphasis on mystery & drama. After seeing the film, it was not as captivating as I thought it would be. This controversial film (in regard to sex, violence, & the more or less negative portrayal of homosexuals) looked interesting - Paul Verhoeven's directing was quite stunning & intense, the music was perfectly thrilling, but the acting portrayed most of the characters (especially Michael Douglas as Nick Curran) as so sardonic and cynical that I couldn't really like them (although Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell was quite chilling). "Basic Instinct" was okay, but I really would have liked it if there was a lot more character development.

The N (ca) wrote: pie grande es una mujer usando ropa interior?