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Jason M (jp) wrote: Very much for people who like to LARP or are interested in it.

Joe A (nl) wrote: A true independent film, this isn't for everyone, but it is really good. It's a bit unpolished and you can tell this movie had a low budget, but if you can get by all of that and pay attention to the story, you realize how good the film is.There are a lot of long takes, as a matter of fact the director almost lost me in the 1st 15 minutes of the movie with his long takes. but that type of style actually helps makes this movie. and I'm glad i kept paying attention after the 1st 15 minutes.

Al A (fr) wrote: Like Corrie I almost did not pass the first scene as well. It sat on my PVR for about two weeks and I saw it while flipping through the list and decided to give it a shot. Although the subject matter may be too much for some the way the story is laid out is excellent.

Olivier D (br) wrote: an interesting and beautiful movie about Armenian's tragedy.

Jack G (ag) wrote: it's a mad mad mad world by Poe, Sade and Svankmajer. it also features tarred and feathered stop-motion-animated meat, which automatically gives it four stars anyway - that it's Svankmajer at the peak of directorial powers is an extra one. Did I mention scenes transition with stop-motion meat? And there's some questions about sanity and religion and stuff raised too.

roxy k (br) wrote: I love the long hair reminds me of my boyfriend. Looks like him too!!

Victoria S (ca) wrote: Like the Little Rascals. My oldest loved this movie and watched it non-stop.

Jonathan P (us) wrote: Ahh the future. Where women dress in single piece bathing suits. Where Apple II computers are back on the market and in high demand. Where CG images have reverted back to a Pong look. Where Russian bailarinas are telepathic aliens. And where acting and storyline are irrelevant.

Emily L (nl) wrote: It's a classic that has always kind of bored me.

Barry W (fr) wrote: Hey, look! It's Frodo! Oh, I'm sorry, was this movie dubbed a thriller with brains? They should have just called it "brains" because there was nothing thrilling about this movie. Also, Morgan Freeman is in it.

Shakira M (ru) wrote: Pretty good for a story that's been told a lifetime.